Pokemon GO- Why Should You Care As An App Designer?

Saurabh Tiwary | 22nd August 2016

In recent days, you must have seen crowds of people busy with their phones walking around like zombies. Probably, you are not alone. Do not worry, it is certainly not a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps they are more than likely busy playing the Pokemon GO game on their smartphones.

Pokemon Go

The Anatomy Of 30 second Pokémon GO primer:

The Pokemon Go has been very popular for a few months now. It is a free mobile game which requires you to move around outside to battle and catch Pokemons. The game displays you a map of your surroundings and notifies of Pokemons if they are present nearby. Apart from this, it also displays the location of “Poke stops” i.e. the places where you may collect items that may assist you sometimes to even attract Pokemons.

To be precise, Poke stops are usually the landmarks or areas of interest in your neighborhood where you would like to find pokemons. Whenever a Pokemon is present nearby your sight, the game automatically taps into the camera of the phone and presents a view of the real world with the character superimposed on the screen to catch them as Pokemon.

Why The Pokemon Name Looks Familiar?

Pokemon is a well-known series of games and its characters that were widely popular in the early and late 90s. The brand has been resurrected and witnessed the wild success of mobile game Pokemon GO.

How does it actually work?

Pokemon GO mobile game uses a technology called location-based augmented reality abbreviated as AR. As per its principles,  any mobile device is capable of superimposing computer generated images. In this case, these are monsters Pokemons on the top of your camera view of the real world. The game automatically taps into the Google Maps to render the in-game map that actually helps identify the areas of higher player traffic and thereby giving rise to more Pokemons and poke stops in those areas.

Why should you care as an app designer?

AR is the key to the success of Pokemon GO concept. There are numerous applications to the AR and can fuse digital information with the outside real world. Just by pointing your mobile camera, you could potentially learn more about any tourist destination and see how much a car costs and what are its features. Also , you can measure the temperature of your apartment and learn how to prepare a recipe. To be precise, there are vast useful applications of AR.

Through the concept of Pokemon Go, marketers have been really quick to capitalize on the crowds with a large mass playing the game. A number of fortunate restaurants and museums quickly figured it out if they were gyms or poke stops this month, however, there are several other creative ways to tempt Pokemons into your establishment.

So, these are some of the broad applications that have come up through the rising popularity of Pokemon Go. Undoubtedly, it has set up new milestones in the field of Mobile Apps Design. At Oodles Studio, we furnish a mix of cutting edge technologies and creativity that provides our clients with most out of their products. Our specialization varies being an eminent name in Logo and Brand Design Company, Wireframe Design Experts, Mobile Apps UI Design and probably everything that brings out a lucrative design of any mobile app.

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