The Secret Behind The Popular Logos And Their Hidden Meanings

Saurabh Tiwary | 29th August 2016

It is a matter of fact that Logos are directly or indirectly associated with the brand it is meant for. No matter whether it is popular or not, the concept of the design may vary from graphic designing to the symbols used that actually convey some special message. Let us now quickly take a look at some popular logos of renowned brands that have intelligently conveyed some message through their logos.

Some Popular Logos

  • Amazon- The yellow colored arrow underneath the word “amazon” represents a smile that demonstrates the feeling of customers who are happy and satisfied after using their service. However, it also points from A to Z  i.e. availability of every item that you can buy from Amazon.

Popular Logos

  • Wikipedia- The well-known logo of Wikipedia website explains itself where each piece bears a glyph (a hieroglyphic character or symbol), or glyphs that symbolizes the multilingualism of Wikipedia. As per the Latin letter ‘W’, these glyphs in most cases represent the first glyph or glyphs of the name “Wikipedia” inscribed in that language. The empty space of the globe at the top conveys the incomplete nature of the Wikipedia project, the articles and the languages yet to be added.


  • Google- The very familiar Google logo has four primary colors in a row and then the sequence seems like to be broken by a secondary color. This was not coincidental instead entirely intentional. Google actually wanted to convey that they don’t go by the rules and are also playful being crazy about making the symbol bulky. To do so, they just preferred to use simple letters and colors.


  • Sony Vaio- The wavy and twisting “V” and “A” represent an analogue signal and the binary “I” and “O”  a digital one. When you combine the letters, the letters spell out Vaio, but also represent the history and evolution of technology from analogue to the digital.

Sony Vaio

  • BMW- BMW has a well-known history in aviation and its logo  remains true to its roots. The colors blue and white appear to be in motion with the sky peeking through. As per the facts, BMW had a significant role in the World War II as a creator of aircraft engines for the German military troops.


The Bottom Line

The study of the logos described above brings us to a conclusion that these eminent brands have very well presented their brand through a message in their logo. Although any Logo and Brand Design Company need not necessarily focus on having a direct message, however, when it comes to brand identity have a distinct and recognizable logo is what that must be taken care of.

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