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Kritika Jain | 29th September 2017

Web design plays a vital role when we think to create a website. Sometimes we can’t have a proper idea of functionality for a website while working on a layout design. In this scenario, we need a tool that helps us determine the flow before we start the development. Nowadays, we can have a proper working UI design by using Prototyping.

Prototyping tools are closing the gap between initial design and the finished product. Choosing the right prototyping tools will bring immense efficiency in your work.

Following are the things to keep in mind when you are going to use prototype tools that will be useful for design.

So first things first, ask yourself some questions before making your decision

3) Fidelity

Why your prototype fidelity required?  Are wireframes that unveil the layout and structure sufficient or Do the prototype you use support all the interactions that are needed?

3) Usage

 First of all we need to decide that which type of layout we need for prototyping. Is this for a mobile app, website or both.

3) Learning Curve 

How much time do we need to learn this tool?

4) Collaboration

Collaboration is pivotal when it comes to design. Prototyping tools should support the collaboration to make share your prototype with others and/or work collaboratively on the prototype.


 How much we need afford to pay for such design tools?

lets outline the best prototyping tools that can fulfil your exact needs.

1) Axure

Axure RP provides designers with too many options, and its interface is most comprehensive in terms of functionality. You can add interactions, create Master Pages, and use ready-made components from Widget libraries.

Cost- 30-day Trial – Free, Pro – $29/month, Team -$49/moth, Enterprise -$99/month

2) InVision 

It’s one of the most reliable prototyping tools, invision is designed for enterprises and large teams. Invision is the best tool that offers team collaboration, Workflow management, and synchronization with Google Drive, creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Slack. We can directly comment on the prototype as well.

Cost- Single Project is Free to use, 3 Projects at the cost of $15/month, Unlimited Projects at the cost of $25/month, Unlimited Projects, and allow 5 Users to use at the cost of $100/month.

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