Preparing Assets For After Effects

Shubham Pachauri | 29th December 2017

While working on some motion graphic you need some Illustrator assets to work on and they need to be created according to ease of animation but many times we ignore some basics points which need to be followed. Few basic mistakes we commonly commit are:

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  • We create one giant layer of multiple graphics element which creates problems when we try to move them flexibility.
  • Many time we choose the wrong color profile for our assets.
  • Sometimes we create assets of the wrong size.

To avoid such Mistake we need to keep these in mind while creating an asset in Illustrator or photoshop for after effect use.

  • Using layer panel smartly:

    When we work in Illustrator we usually create all content in a single layer and make it as a single group this create problem while animating such content in after Effect because you can’t animate an object freely if its layer is not separated. Let say an example If you want to animate a logo with multiple letters but they are not separated then you control them in After Effect for multiple animations on the different letter at the time you need to separate letters from each other to animate them properly.

  • Size of Artboard and its content:

    Size of artboard matters when you working for After Effects assets. Let’s understand it by an example If you have artboard of size 40px-40px and your graphic inside it is also 40px-40px then this will create a problem when you need animate this graphics by resizing its small size it might cut your graphics edges by some pixels. To avoid this always create your artboard more than your graphic.

  • Correct color format:  

    When you are working for After effect always save your graphics always in RGB color mode because your moving content never going to print so CMYK color mode are required you can change color mode from File >> Document Color Mode >>RGB.

  • Importing Asset in After Effect:


    Now, this the final step Which needs to be done correctly or all your step was taken above will be waste of time. Now go to File  >> Import >> File Now select the “.Ai” file which you have formatted correctly with steps mentioned above. Now select Kind type to “composition” from promoted Import menu this is important because if you select kind type “footage” all layer will combine again into a single layer. So avoid that common mistake.

These are some common mistakes to avoid and some solution by which you can improve your motion graphics work by spending less time fighting with these wrongly Exported assets.

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