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Shubham Pachauri | 29th September 2017

The presentation is very important part of designing. It is same important as designing something. Presentation skill can come very handy in any business but In the designing sector, it is important to present your work in a manner so it can be selected by clients in First attempt. Here is the few trick I used to use in my work presentation.

Use of mockups:

While working on logo and Boucher. Every designer faces one common problem which is, It is hard to predict that how logo and Boucher will look when it comes to the final printing stage. Even the client couldn’t able to pick his brand identity from multiple logo images. At that time use of mockups can help you a lot. with the help of these mockups, you can place your designs inside some real looking object images of visiting card, hoardings, magazines, CDs covers, t-shirt and much other stationery. Now, these images can help you get that idea how your design will look in the final stage of printing. Even now clients can understand your ideas and thoughts easily when they see their product identity in final stage directly. This way you can get their approval faster on your design thoughts.

Using wireframes and prototypes:

While working on some software or applications designs for a client who lives hundreds of miles away from you. It was difficult to explain your ideas to a client but now we have tools like marvel, axure, Just in mind and these are the tools available for prototyping and wireframing. They can be used to provide a basic blueprint of products. They are easy to operate so even clients can use to share their inputs on blueprints through such tools. It wasn’t possible earlier with hand-drawn wireframes. Earlier it was very hard to bring client on the same page you are thinking But now these presentation tools can help you find the way for better communication with clients.

The presentation doesn’t mean giving long product launch speeches or decorating files with multiple colors. It is just the medium for you to convey your thoughts or design in a better manner with strong reasonable points. You can use these methods to justify your hard work you have put behind your design you can present your work better with these tools.

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