How To Prevent Design From Piracy?

Neeraj Charaya | 10th April 2017


Before we move further for going into deep for preventing designs from piracy it is better to us to view it from right frame of mind.

Just know this there is nothing such like 100% foolproof when it comes for digital goods which can be products, ebooks, design, etc.

The reality of internet is that if someone wants to use something for free then he/she will find out a way to use it no matter what.

This doesn’t mean that you should not look out alternative for piracy protection but you need to view them from different angle or different lens.

By making access easier, you will follow up with more legitimate thieves or discourage buyers.

Some strategies to prevent products from piracy or theft.

Copyright your product

Getting a copyright will not prevent from piracy but it will make easier to seek redressal in case when someone steals your design.

Since copyrighting is a legal matter which varies country to country so we will suggest you to hire a local good lawyer who specializes in copyright laws.

Better to hide your product from prying eyes

Making the product hard to find for your search engine should be the first priority in your product protection plan. After all if they can’t find it then they will be not able to steal it.

There are lot of ways which will help you to build a strong security of your product.

  • Try to keep your product in zip or rar file.
  • Hide open directories on your site.
  • Stop SEO from indexing your page.


After every login place a download option

One of the easiest method to get your product unauthorized is to place it after login. This simply means user has to login it before getting that product post purchase. While this won’t stop paying customers from distributing files but it may give us few benefits.

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