Difference Between Prototyping Tools Marvel And InVision

Bharat | 28th August 2018

Before talking about these tools the question arises why we need prototypes? Prototypes help us in checking and validating the idea, testing the hypothesis and restrain from errors. All this takes place before the development stage and it helps in saving money, time, and efforts. The idea behind rapid prototyping tools is to create prototypes as speedily as possible. For this purpose, it is essential to know which tool is fast as compared to other tools and has appropriate features for collaborations. In this blog, I will tell you the difference between prototyping tools Marvel and InVision

Marvel And Invision: What Is The Right Choice:

Difference While Applying For New Hotspots::

Marvel authorizes replicating any link on the several screens. In addition, it’s viable to merge the hotspots as you wish. It creates handling of them easier and adjustable process.

Invision utilizes an idea of prototypes for the hotspots. The building of hotspots is a monotonous process, each time application requests to choose the prototype from a dropdown list. But applying for an already saved prototype is more suitable and faster process.



Invitations and comments are present for both the tools in the freely available plan. With Invision tool you can cooperate and collaborate with your team members very evenly and predictably: by just tapping on the area where you wish to leave your comments. Another coolest collaboration attribute present in Invision is Liveshare. With this, you can collaborate with your teammates, make notes, have the audible conversation in a browser and can connect to a call with the help of a normal cellphone.

Marvel application also supports the basic things related to collaboration like inviting and commenting. It does not support audible conversations and making drawings. The collaborating functionality present in Marvel is a little less developed as compared to InVision. InVision has already possessed 134M in 5 rounds rather than 8M for Marvell. It is also able to put more suitable attempts in multiple directions.

Syncing with sketch plugins:

Both the applications have sketch plugins. That’s why no noticeable difference between them.

Cost of the tool:

The minimum cost of a plan for the InVision tool is 22$ per month. But when we talk about Marvel, it costs nothing. It permits collaboration for your first 3 projects only. It’s good when you are working with a small team.


Offerings in a free plan:

InVision allows you to work on 2 projects only, commenting and collaborations are allowed, You can integrate it with Sketch, PS, Basecamp, Trello, Jira, Slack, Teamwork, Hipchat, Flowdock etc.

Marvel allows you to work on unlimited projects, you can comment on 3 first projects only, and also you can integrate it with Sketch, Slack, Box, Asana, Google Drive etc.


Marvel and InVision both are the very good tools when compared to each other. Both have their own pros and cons, InVision is good in commenting, collaborating and design delivering, and Marvel is good for small teams, mostly for individual designers. As per the usage, one can choose the tool which fits them best.


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