The Psychology of Colours Behind Marketing

Manraj sandhu | 9th August 2019

Colors play an important role in our life, that’s what we are made to learn in the initial learning stages of our life. Most of us learned it but let’s be honest…did we question as to why is it important? This article aims to focus a bit deeper on the subject of colors in design.

Let’s start with the basic question- How does color effect the human mind? Have you ever had the urge to buy something just by looking at it? If yes, then that is the power of color. It is the component that pulls the customer to the brand. Each color has a different meaning, depending on what your message is, the colors will be chosen accordingly. You could also say that the role of colors is so crucial that it can make or break a brand, or in other words, can make people like your brand or hate it!


Let move with the next big question- How does colors effect marketing?

Colors summons feelings, emotions, the will to take action. Colors help a brand stand out amongst the sea of brands.

  • It pushes the consumer to choose one over the other
  • It make a product more appealing to the consumer. For eg – Burger king ads
  • It evokes a desire that did not exist before

Long story short, It’s that factor that helps people make purchases, like the brand and brings more clicks than the competitors site.

While this may all seems simple, but really it isn’t. As mentioned above, each color has a different meaning attached to it in relation to another, true. But that does not mean a color has one definitive meaning attached to it! Confused? To put it simple, each color can have different meaning attached to it. It is vital that a designer knows what color signifies what meaning. Apart from that these concept is adopted by so many user research consultants, who works with global web design company.


Here are some of the meanings behind each color-


Red is the color that focuses on zeal, enthusiasm, peril, vitality, and activity. You might’ve seen that a few brands utilize red for catchy lines like ‘order today’.



orange speaks of innovativeness, experience, excitement, achievement, and equalization. Orange adds a touch of comical to any image, site, or ad it’s on. Numerous advertisers till this day have utilized it for call to activities or when they need to draw eyeballs to them.



yellow rotates around Happiness. It brings out sentiments of bliss, inspiration, good faith, and summer yet in addition of double dealing and cautioning. A few brands utilize the color as the foundation or outskirt for their web layout



Pink is a mainstream for brands that basically serve a female crowd. Pink’s signifies around the words of politeness, fun loving nature, youthfulness and womanlike.



Green is associated with nature and cash. Expansion, success, well being, and progressiveness are a portion of the positive shading implications for it. Green additionally conveys some negative affiliations, for example, envy.



Blue’s significance reliability, agreement, harmony, silence and trust. Blue can likewise convey some negative feelings of misery and frigidity.



Purple is a regal shading. It significance is associated with power, honorability, extravagance, insight, and otherworldliness. However, abstain from utilizing the shading a lot as it can cause sentiments of disappointment.



white features goodness, tidiness, and modesty. Remember, this is the importance in North American culture. In certain places of the world, white has the contrary significance. You’ll need to remember this dependent on the intended interest group you serve. The shading significance for white additionally has a negative side where it symbolizes sterility and cold.



This colour is a mainstream in retail. Black shading signifies secret, power, style, and advancement. Conversely, it can likewise bring out feelings, for example, bitterness and outrage.



This colour is a hearty shading. All things considered, it’s the shade of earth, wood and stone. So normally, brown is mainly identified with solace, security and a practical nature.

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