How To Do Rapid Prototyping With Mockplus

Bharat | 10th August 2018

The Mockplus is a speedy, easy and free tool use for prototyping, it’s also an amazing new name for prototyping designers. Created by a group of enthusiastic, inspiring and active young people, this recently started prototyping software Mockplus is familiar amongst a lot of designers nationally and internationally. The principle of a quick and simply built Mockplus is well used by its easy and strong characteristics on the practical design growth. This blog is all about how to do rapid prototyping with Mockplus.

Why we require a fast prototype?

Before a designer decides to design an application, no matter it’s a mobile or desktop application, a designer has to create a clear understanding of prototyping. Through a crystal clear apprehension of speedy prototyping with Mockplus, that will be helpful to the following work.

a) Speedy prototyping is a system of fastly building an initial version of a product, which helps you in visualizing your thoughts.

b) It authorizes designers to test thoughts instinctively and even get feedback from users quickly, which can help in upgrading the thoughts and ideas.


Amazing characteristics of Mockplus

Simplicity in style:

Mockplus team is providing their best services on prototyping to the detailed idea with the simple tool. This is the concept of simplicity, desktop Mockplus shows a basic interface which formed by 3 major parts – working space, component & widget, and project panel. Despite such a short and crystal clear layout structure, Mockplus is more strong than it imagines. No special skill set or knowledge of programming and coding is required, a user can effectively and easily build application prototyping. In addition, it won’t take much time in learning and usage of this simple and easy tool. In spite of wasting time in learning a new tool, it’s better to invest your time in exploring new ideas.

Plenty of components and icons:

Mockplus pro provides more than 200 pre-designed components, to make you work even simpler and faster. Rich availability of components provides the variety of choices for their designing work, that can be another reason for time and labor saving. Also, the presence of more than 400 icons is helpful in creating prototypes.

Optional styles in prototyping:

There are two styles available for users to opt when opening Mockplus, wireframe, and sketch. Designers can work in any style they like. Some prefer working on sketch while others like the hand-drawn style because that just adds to the credibility to the prototyping with Mockplus.

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