Differentiating Raster And Vector Graphics

Neeraj Charaya | 19th September 2016

One of the major questions that comes in graphics design application is choosing between the Vector and Raster. There are differences between the vector graphics and raster file formats which would have impact surely on the quality of the image being created.

 Differentiating Raster And Vector Graphics

To learn more about these two, let’s explore some of the key differences.


  • Vector graphics can be easily scaled at infinite proportions without having any problem in the image quality as it is a mathematical algorithm of points and lines.


  • Raster Graphics cannot be scaled like the vector as it has limitations. It  up of a bunch of colored squares in order to set in a finitely scalable grid.


  • Digital file size of vector can vary between 300 kb to 1 mb, comparatively small.


  • For raster one, the digital file size can be as small as 5 kb or as large as various mb depending on the purpose and the scaling ratio.


Suppose you are creating a Logo, then go for the vector file as it will provide you flexibility when you want to create raster Logos from it. This is notable because as raster images are used in web and sometimes in digital applications, so they need to be saved and optimized at different sizes to be used in the web application.


One more difficulty with the vector file is that most of the business oriented people don’t have softwares like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc so that they can view and edit it more precisely as they carry Microsoft Word with them which have hard time for make use of it.


What are the other options if there is no vector graphics file?


If you intend to enlarge or make some changes in your respective file and you only have a raster version say “jpeg”, then you need a graphic designer for this so that they can trace that raster file into the vector file by applying the changes as intended.


Is .eps file is a vector file?


Files like .eps, .pdf or .ai files are vector files as they hold up raster files which is the best part of it. However, you will have no guarantee that you will be having a vector version for it.


So, I hope that it provides a clear vision for the two different file formats and their usage. Getting collaborating with the Graphic design studio that can care about all your assets which are needed for your branding.  There are  different files with both in raster and vector version so that it can be used in both digital and web purposes.

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