Reasons To Consider An Animated Logo Design Service

Bharat | 27th April 2018

The Era of colorless and static logos is gone and they are not as effective to promote a brand as they once were. Today, customers feel more connected with great visual elements, especially moving elements. Every customer looks for entertainment quotient. Animated visuals add some sort of entertainment value to the brand. Companies are not willing to choose a logo which is not appealing enough to stand out in the market.  In an effort to pull a customer’s attention, an animated logo is a brilliant idea. An animated logo has catchiness factor, as well as it’ll help you in earning huge returns. In this blog, I’ll tell you the reasons to consider an animated logo design service.


Reasons To Consider An Animated Logo Design Service Are:

Animated Logo Helps In Brand Recognition:

The most important purpose of using animation is to raise recognition for your brand. If you are creating a visual element and want it to be get noticed, like a cartoon who represents your brand. This kind of route is taken by many companies.

The reason why animation works so well is because humans exhaust a lot of time on watching videos than still images.

Animated Logo Tells The Brand Story:

The Animated character must have to tell the brand story to your audience. The main idea behind this is to create a bond with the audience. Marketers animate their goal statements and product-based videos so that they can make their brand popular to all ages. Many users revealed that watching a video about a product help them in decision making.

Animation Raises Your Page Views:

Animation helps the user in improving SEO score, image tagging, and back-linking process. Web pages containing any video or any moving element like GIF etc has more chances to get users for the longer period of time. Google Algorithm always gives preference to animated content. So, by considering this we have to create animated content that helps customers in connecting and can be crawled by search engines easily.

Animation Draws More Attention To Increasing Mobile Usage:

Today smartphones have surpassed the traditional desktop internet surfing. With this changing trend, smaller screen size, catchy animations grab the users attention very frequently rather than text. Visuals can be made interactive or stylish by placing QR codes in them.


In a nutshell, Animated logo helps in brand recognition, brand story, in getting page views and draws more attention. Those static and colorless logos don’t fit in the today’s environment. So, shifting towards, animated logos is a decent idea. As these logos are trendy, stylish and eye-catching ones.

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