Reasons Why You Need Business Explainer Videos

Bharat | 6th June 2018

Explainer videos are short-duration online marketing videos made to elaborate your company’s product line and services. Business explainer videos basically focus on explaining a business idea in an appealing, engaging, and compelling way; by using clear and crisp language; stunning and attractive visuals that speedily pull a viewer’s attention. This makes business explainer videos an outstanding online marketing tool. In this blog, I will tell you the reasons why you need business explainer videos.

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The Need of Business Explainer Videos:

Raise conversion rates:

As per the latest survey, 85% people are more likely to buy a product once if they have seen its explainer video. Business explainer videos help emerging businessmen keep a tally of the number of visitors on their sites who could become actual customers.

Explaining objectives of your product:

Business explainer video take the guesswork out by explaining the benefits and basic functionality of a particular product and service. People get the clear understanding of a product or service once they see someone’s explaining it. An explainer video helps you to connect in an effective manner with your potential customers by defining what your business can do for them, and also why they should choose your company over others.

To raise interest:

As every business is choosing social media for improving their social presence in the world. On social media, creative images, social media banners, and explainer videos play an important role in generating a user’s interest in the product. According to a study, over 70 percent of the internet users are habitual of watching videos online. An average person takes less than a minute in deciding whether he wants to purchase that product or not. So in this case, an explainer video is helpful as it attracts a user’s attention instantly. Spork Marketing and many other agencies have revealed in their studies that websites with videos rank higher in Google searches.

They are easily shareable:

An explainer video doesn’t only restrict to our website. Instead, there are many free video hosting websites such as Youtube and Vimeo having beneficial tools that allow you to upload your videos and use correct keywords to attract customers. These websites are compatible with smartphones whereas some websites may not viewable on handsets. Also, videos are easily shareable, unlike many text-based web pages.


Business explainer videos not only bound by the popularity of a brand and sales else it has many more benefits. People get aware about the products and services through these videos. Explainer videos generate interest in users, help in raising revenues, easily shareable and are well explained, through these points we get to know the benefits of business explainer videos.

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