Factors Impacting The Success Of A UX Design Pattern

Bharat | 10th July 2018

The Internet is available around us for the last 2 decades, giving us an adequate amount of time to explore UX related problems and their solutions. Some initially invented solutions worked so well that designers around the globe started using them persistently. And because of its acquaintance, users came to expect them. That’s how UX design patterns came into existence, a UX design pattern is a regular visual language used to provide the best user experience to end users that both designers and users understand. UX designers can simply take benefit from the behavioral pattern of the users, like navigation of pages. This blog is showcasing the reasons behind the success of a UX design pattern.

Using learned behavior:

There are many factors which influence how people learn. A little knowledge and experience in this go a long way. This technique is related to instrumental learning. In this technique, people remember your past result experiences so that they can alter their upcoming behavior accordingly. Users also remember the behavior of the pattern more than how the pattern looks. This same learning behavior technique is being used in UX designs. In this, a designer focuses more on the common past experiences of users. But if a UX designer wants to play safe then he has to make himself consistent while using patterns.

Use of universal designing conventions:

Nowadays, it has become a trend for hotel room-seekers to tap on tiny images of hotel rooms. Because making tiny photos tappable will take them towards brief descriptive blurbs which is common. Many companies are using this. Amazon, TripAdvisor, new e-commerce sites, blogging sites use this pattern because it’s an established one. It can be easily understood without much explanation. But if a user is clicking on the thumbnail of a site and no result is coming, then he must get irritated. This thing can set a poor image of your site in front of the customer. And if same happens again and again, a user may run away from the website forever.



In the initial seconds, a user spends on a webpage are very crucial. In those 10-20 seconds, a user decides whether he wants to stay or leave that page. By using the learned behavior of users and universal designing conventions, a designer can enhance the quality of its design.

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