Recently Introduced Features Of Adobe XD

Bharat | 16th July 2018

Adobe XD is a complete package UI/UX solution used for designing mobile applications, websites etc. It includes drawing tools for non-static interactions, for usage, and mobile desktop previews. It helps the designer in choosing a device-specific artboard size for starting a project. It’s also a light interface model, with huge numbers of images loaded in it. XD permits the user to speedily select elements and page transitions for a working model if the design is finished. In this blog, I have mentioned some recently introduced features of Adobe XD.

Some Really Good Newly Introduced Features Of Adobe XD:

Adobe’s Starter plan:

The starter plan introduced by Adobe is available for free. This plan gives continuous access to the desktop version of XD on both Mac and Windows 10, incorporating all the design and sample capabilities, alongside the mobile preview applications on iOS and Android. A designer can build an infinite number of XD documents, export assets for production, and can make videos to share your knowledge and experience.


Tomorrow’s experience design:

In the coming months, Adobe is planning to showcase significant progress in improved prototyping and animation capabilities, Team collaborating features and support for expanding XD with the help of plug-ins and an end-to-end platform for UX design. For creating an expanding platform for innovation, Adobe has announced a large fund of 10 million dollars for its developers and designers. So that they can promote the development process of plug-ins and integrations with Adobe XD and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Latest enhancements:

Adobe has solved many technical glitches in its latest version and also added some important features in this. But this time they emphasized more on improving their user’s productivity when they work on XD.

Using Swap symbols:

One of the important features is that one can easily swap symbols on the design canvas by dragging and dropping. A user has to just drag the symbol from the asset panel and drop it on the symbol you want to swap with. With this, all copies of the symbols on canvas will automatically be replaced. A user no longer has to search for every symbol manually and can replace all the instances of the symbol, one at a time. This is one of the best features of Adobe XD.

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