Redesigning An Application With Great Visual Design

Bharat | 30th October 2018

Creating an application is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and efforts but it’s a tremendous way to allure your customers. With this, you can create awareness among your customers about the new things you are introducing in your business. But there’s a point every application owner must take care of, it is redesigning an application with the latest and trendy visual design. Most of the developed apps have a consistent design language, including the uniformity of element sizes, clear CTA buttons, and a cohesive color theme; companies must change the designing style of their applications after few months. After a certain amount of time, these applications require redesigning.

Points To Take Care While Redesigning An Application With Great Visual Design

User interview and UX

If you really want to resolve user-related problems, you must acknowledge the problems which not only matter to you but also to other users as well. For this, you have to conduct certain user interviews and get some feedbacks and as per authentic feedbacks, you can design something great. This is an imperative step to remove personal bias and design a genuine solution for clients.


Through the procedure of interviews with users, noteworthy psychological gratings were observed, like incorporating trouble in discovering data, content, and flow repetition, and confusing labeling framework. These will be explained momentarily in “Data Architecture” section. These are some of the most common problems faced by designers and developers while redesigning an app.


The Redesign

With intensive contemplations on information architecture and user flow, you have to immediately prototype new screens that address the issues of:

Data repetition, and complicated substance on the home screen (Explore page)

The fact that search  work does not get enough utilization (Search page)


In a nutshell, this blog explains the areas a designer has to work to improve the UX of an application. Also, to what extent the choice of user matters and how by working as per the feedback and suggestions of the user, a company can redesign an application which will actually help the particular business is growing.

What’s after this?

In any case, the objective of this blog is to adopt a client-driven strategy and plan a more natural involvement with little inclusion in UI/Visual design. IA deals with structure and findability, yet the experience should make a stride assisted by including human feelings. This is when visual design could start magic and improve the experience.

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Bharat is a Content Writer at Oodles Studio having an immense passion for writing Technical Content. He has written content on UI, UX, web designing, and graphic designing.

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