Replacing traditional GIFs with SVG animation

Shubham Pachauri | 30th November 2018

Since the beginning of web Era, we are continuously creating competitive web pages to promote our business. Earlier this completion was only limited to creating more advanced Tech-used websites such technologies are Eye candy effects and interactive animation using graphics tools. The problem with these effects and animation are that they were too heavy in size and most of the times not optimized to use on the web.


Also, it can’t be guaranteed that they will work on all browsers. So now the market is looking for some alternate for these animation or any other technology that can optimize this animation for different browsers by keeping their size low as low possible. Most of the time these animations are GIF and MP4 format both are a heavy format to use on the web also if we try to optimize them they lose their quality.

But finally, we have some solution in the market. It’s all possible because of innovation from Web-developers and the increasing capabilities of our browsers. In this blog we are going to discuss and learn about some of these Solutions:



Greenock and snap.svg: Both tools are available at a minimal price to compare to the services they provide. If you want to create some basic animation for your webpage these tools can help you out. Both tools use the JavaScript to produce animation in codes that can be used in HTML web pages instead of using heavy GIFS and MP4. But like any other good tools, there is some limitation too such as:

   Time-consuming: creating animation through this procedure take lots of efforts and time.

Need expertise: Working with JavaScript need some special coding skill it is not easy for any designer to work with this software.


   Quality animation: These tools can’t produce quality animation that can be achieved with other animation software like after effect and animate.


Bodymovin and Adobe After effect: we can create some awesome animation in after effect using its organized timeline which we can later convert into SVG animation using body moving tool. There are some advantages using this animation such as Light size: SVG animation visually are same GIFs but when using them in HTML they are actually just coded So they are compact in size as compare to any other format.

Support: SVG animation easily supports all browsers as this format run on basic properties of an HTML page.

Quality animation: Bodymovin work with all vector files so animation produced with this tool is 100% scalable and pixel perfect in quality.

No expertise needed: Using Bodymovin plugin is simple to use all you need to do is just create animation in after effect by using all vector files.


All three tools can give you your desired animation with compact size and good quality. You can choose any tool according to your requirement and best suitable for you.

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