Responsive Design vs Adaptive Design

Neha Gupta | 28th September 2018

Responsive Web Design gives the ideal survey involvement of a site, regardless of what sort of gadget the client is seeing it on. It is a methodology went for creating destinations to give an ideal survey understanding—simple perusing and navigation with at least resizing, panning, and looking—over an extensive variety of gadgets. This is finished by utilizing fluid grids. That is a term for a design that works regardless of what the screen size is. So regardless of the amount you resize the screen, that same design will consequently react to that size.


  1. Easy to understand and adaptable on various screen resolutions.
  2. Bound together visual and operational experience on multi-terminal, with ease spent on upkeep.
  3. Website optimization friendly and there is no page rendition qualification, keeping the SEO system reliable.
  4. The association among mobile and desktop sites can be finished without redirection.

Adaptive Web Design

An adaptive website is different in relation to responsive plan in that there isn’t one design that dependably changes. Rather, there are a few different formats for numerous screen sizes. Also, the design utilized relies upon the screen resolution utilized. For instance, there could be a particular format for cell phones, tablets, and PCs – every one of which is made ahead of time. These three designs look out for reserve until the point that somebody visits the site. The site distinguishes the kind of gadget utilized and conveys the pre-set design for that gadget.


  1. Perfect even with some complicated site.
  2. It very well may be executed at a lower cost.
  3. Coding will be much time-proficient.
  4. Testing will be substantially less demanding and activity can be generally more precise.

Both responsive and adaptive designs are the same in that they are techniques for managing the reality that sites are frequently seen on various gadgets in various settings. They simply happen to go about it in their own particular manners.

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Neha Gupta

Neha is an experienced UI/UX Designer. Also have hands-on Branding, both digital and printed. Worked on different projects including design of cryptocurrency exchange, mobile app, wireframes, and improved UX.

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