Responsive Icons Are The New Design Elements To Explore

Saurabh Tiwary | 22nd July 2016

Responsive Design has been in vogue for a quite long period now. Most of the designers and the web enthusiasts are very well familiar with the flexible nature of this design scheme. Owing to this fact, it has been the need of every designer to go behind all the design components that uplift and enhance the responsiveness of websites. One of such components is Responsive Icons.

Responsive Icons

What Are Responsive Icons?

Responsive icons are not all about the adjustments and adaptability of layouts. It also means that a different icon must be displayed based on the actual size it is represented in. The screen size is not important, but the size of the icons, which adapt themselves as per the viewport and aspect ratio. The reason behind this is that, some icons will be displayed in numerous sizes at the same time and on the same screen.

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The icons will not differ a lot in visual but the quality of detail have some variation. For an instance, it is all about the detail in an icon which is displayed in big size, such as 500pxX500px. A little less detail will be displayed in a responsive icon which is 250px by 250px.

The Importance  Of Responsive Icons

With the emergence of font icons in responsive websites and minimalistic designs, there have been numerous changes in implementation of flat icons. We do not mean to say that all the responsive icons follow flat design principles, but what we mean that the implementation of responsive icons in flat design takes it to the new level. The key objective to implement responsive icons is to make the web better, and that’s what we expect from changing of time.

Responsive Icon Design Using SVG Breakpoints

SVG breakpoints are very useful in responsive icon design. This approach is quite different as it incorporates some different techniques in icon design. SVG breakpoints allow dynamic control of different elements and icons and help in taking the static iconography to the another new level i.e. responsive icon design. You can think of combining this with media query where the icon itself can be triggered to change independently based on the screen’s actual size.

Responsive Icons are not to be thought as responsive design that focuses on screen size adaptability.  Although it is relatable, but the concept is a bit different that reduces the size of icons in terms of pixels. However, these are setting up new trends at present times and must be incorporated in modern designs.


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