How To Create Wireframe Designs For Responsive Websites

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th August 2018

The wireframe designs for responsive websites may differ from the usual wireframe design. The objective of the expert designers for such wireframe is to come up with some design which is useful and that complies with responsive design guidelines. Few major considerations while designing such wireframes are the study of mobile layouts, the size of the mobile displays etc.  

Designing a wireframe is a process of thinking through a problem-solving approach and then specifying the interfaces. Like all other aspects of the development process, wireframe design can have its drawbacks if not done properly. In this article, you should be able to walk through some of the approaches to avoid while you are creating a wireframe for the responsive website.


Creating Wireframe Designs For Responsive Websites

Give More Information About Responsive Design

It is often advised to add more detail into your wireframe to show it to your team and clients during the website design process. However, by more information, we do not mean the excess of information. Provide only exact information relevant to the design. Sometimes, adding more content for wireframe can create confusion among various users.

Although, a number of wireframe design tools are available, it often useful to draw it on a paper. It is the best way to start and through rough sketches as they allow you to come up with more creative solutions. Wireframes do not need to be of high fidelity, instead, the focus is on making something which is collaborative.

Colors Are Not Essential While Wireframe Designs For Responsive Websites:

Wireframing in the responsive websites is only about the layout and placements of elements to fit in as per the website requirements. Experts say that grayscale helps maintain the focus on the primary function of the process. In this case, this process is to finalize the layout, but not the actual design. Beginning with an easy to understand and low-fidelity wireframe is probably the best way to work with. This also leaves some room for you to decide and change and move things around.


Making Wireframe For Every Individual Page Is Not Required:

It is not always required to lay out every single page view during the responsive website wireframe design. Most of the content that you want to place on your website should be finalized in advance before proceeding with the website wireframe. Wireframes can prove to be a hand design tool only when you have your resources of the website viz. Content, Target User Information etc.

The aim of a responsive wireframe is to deal with the layout changes that might be needed during the design process. These are slightly different from the usual wireframe designs where the target is to design the well-functioning responsive layouts.

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