Rules That Top Website Interface Design Experts Follow

Bharat | 13th September 2018

It’s not difficult to find a designer nowadays but searching for core professional website interface design experts who are familiar with the best practices is not an easy job. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the rules that top website Interface design experts must follow. So, if you are looking for website interface design experts to design your website but are unsure about how to choose the best out of hundreds, here is a list of rules that top website interface design experts use. If the expert hired by you adhere to these rules then you may eventually have an excellent web interface design ready for your website.

Rules That Top Website Interface Design Experts Follow Are:

They understand how UI plays into UX:

UI (User Interface) is very crucial for any mobile app or website, it can make or break a business (website/app). On the other hand, a UX (user experience) refers to taking care of some diverse factors such as interaction design and architecture, copywriting, coordination with developers and designers, etc. Thus, to design an impressive website interface, a UI designer is dependent on the information coming from the user experience angle such as, a problem that needs to be solved, how user-flow will play out, and hierarchies. All these factors, if not resolved, can result in a horrible website interface design. Then, it becomes quite crucial for website interface design experts to cooperate with UX aspects to create a stand out interface design.

They know their audience:

Top website interface designers know that having a clean and crisp idea about the needs of the audience can attract a myriad of customers to the website. In case, if the designers don’t have any idea of all this, they look to the competitors to get a kick-start of the creative process. They use designs and patterns which are famous among users. Also, along with knowing the audience, they keep an eye on the industry. They use different designing aspects for different industries, such as e-commerce, retail, fashion, automobile, etc.

They keep things simple and consistent:

The reason for the success of a great interface is its simplicity. But by this, I don’t mean simply sticking a button here and there with some animations. I mean the interface should be easy in understanding and should be interactive. It should be that much easy to navigate so that the user gets to know where he is and where he has to go.

They Implement a Visual Hierarchy:

The most crucial elements of an interface should be highlighted in order to make users focus on it, and design provides such an array of methods through which they achieve such effect. The easiest way of this technique is to make an element bigger than others so that it won’t get ignored.


They use color and contrast properly:

Use of right colors for a design is a science. They use colors to their fullest effect to design an impressive interface. They use colors to convey visual hierarchy, grab the attention of the users and establish a relationship between the elements.

Contrasting colors can give great effect to the interface in order to draw the attention of the users.

They consider feedback messages:

The biggest advantage of the web-based project is that we can design feedback messages. These messages can pass on important information to the users when they perform any action. If someone has entered a field incorrectly then inform the user right-away with a message about what exactly went wrong.


In a nutshell, the design should be easy to use, simple to navigate, the right use of colors, remain consistent completely and feedback messages are some of the important factors. If these aspects used in an appropriate manner it can actually enhance a design.

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