Everything About Seamless Interface Design

Ankur Kushwaha | 27th September 2018

Seamless Interface Design

In the world of rapidly growing companies, all business needs to stay continuously connected with their users so that they can stand in this competition and one of the best ways of doing that is driving customer engagement.

As designers, we personally feel that the best way to engage users with our product is to create a simple and seamless interface and experience.


Micro-interactions are hidden moments centered around achieving a single task.

All applications around us are filled in with micro-interactions but barely noticeable.

These days we see lots of designers showing their awesome animation skills in UI design but some interaction and animation are not necessary.

The most important thing we must keep in mind is that we design for the layman, not for designers and it’s easy to animate UI in aftereffects or principle but it is not that easy for developers to code that.

How micro-interaction works?

Micro-interactions can likewise draw in the user as it gives quick criticism on the activity, a user has performed and this is the thing that keeps the user locked in.

The user realizes that their activity was acknowledged and give them more trust in utilizing our items.

Don’t overdo it

As given name for it, micro interactions ought to be miniaturized scale, don’t try too hard. It ought not to require much investment. Try not to make it excessively complex so it so it may take time to load.

Your micro-interactions ought to be so straightforward and intelligent so it influences the user to feel the same on the off chance that he is doing it for the first run through or 100th time.

Likewise, ensure your associations fit the style of your particular interface.

We ought to significantly utilize micro-interaction in our items/applications which user utilize various time in multi-day so it won’t make him disturbed in light of the fact that in the event that you demonstrate to him a substantial scale movement each time he finishes an undertaking it might aggravate him in some degree.

You can utilize an extensive scale liveliness on your points of arrival where you need to demonstrate some basic data enjoyably.


A decent interaction can stand up in the general outline of the interface.

Communications are what keeps our user drew in and doesn’t exhaust or occupy while utilizing the item.

The most essential thing is the means by which client feel when they are experiencing these collaborations of our item. Seamless site example: http://loveforiceland.com/

So remembering clients even minor points of interest merit close consideration. We frequently don’t center around them, yet we can feel their quality.

These small minutes signify configuration to upgrade your user encounter by making the UI not so much machine but rather more human.

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