Minimalist Approach Is The New Secret Of Mobile Apps Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th September 2016

Over the years, one of the fastest evolving department of technology is the mobile application development and its design. It’s not just about  iOs or Android, but users have been amazingly crazy about apps since the  Symbian devices were being used. Designing a quality mobile app is much more associated to serving the actual purpose and optimization of user interface. A number of factors go in while we talk of delivering a multi-functional, simple and error free application. However, when we talk about  the user engagement, the primary goal is to achieve minimalist  design for flawless and easy interface so that users can easily locate each and every element of the application

Minimalist Approach Is The New Secret Of Mobile Apps Design

Conventional Mobile Apps Design Approach In Past Days

In early days of web and mobile app designing, designers used to take into the account the screen size of the mobile devices while they had an entirely different approach while designing an application for desktop computers. Although at current times, the approach for a mobile app design varies from that of the desktop applications, however, the mobile application development has reached to a new level as the number of smartphone users has increased globally than it was ever before.

  • The approach in early days of application design was quite focussed on the small display size phones that could barely incorporate more number of icons.
  • The focus was; Menu>Submenu>Third Level Menu, and so on. However, the new smartphones are quite larger than before providing much room for incorporating a number of required features on the home screen itself.

Why Minimalist Approach?

Now the new trend in designing a mobile app is the minimalist design. In past few years, the idea of designing a large screen app was about indulging into more number of menus and a bulk of graphics. However, it was not much appreciated by the users and then Google introduced the material design. Through material design applications, the trend of minimalist design came into the existence.

Material design is a lot more appreciated in mobile app implementations and we can come across a large number of design firms rushing towards material design applications. It makes a design look minimalistic where more functionalities can be added while keeping the design simple and effective.

  • The beauty of minimalist design lies in the fact that even a small amount of graphic application can do wonders in enhancing the user experience.
  • It feels smooth unlike highly dense colors in any app.
  • Minimalist design is expected to go a long way by defining the usefulness of mobile applications and taking the user experience to a new level.

The Bottom Line

Minimalist design is a new way to look into every aspect of the mobile app design. The purpose of minimalist approach is to ensure a clean and hassle free UI with no ambiguous content or irrelevant navigations. In any web or graphic design project, one needs to go behind the minimal approach as it is the demand of modern application design process and almost every well-built organisation tend to follow minimalist approach.


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