A Short Guide To Vector Graphic Design

Bharat | 6th September 2018

Some people think that vector graphics are cool, that you only have to drag and drop a few shapes to create an image. Most of the people have tried it for making logos and other graphics. Vector graphics are computer generated graphical pictures that are built in 2-Dimensional points, linked with curves and lines to make polygons and other shapes. Every point has a certain position on the x and y-axis of the work plane and it helps in determining the direction of the path; moreover, every single path have different properties having values for color, shape, stroke, curve, fill, and thickness. Vector graphics are mainly used in PDF, SVG etc. Affinity designer and dribble, these two things have the biggest impact if someone wants to know about graphic designing. The Vector graphic design emphasized designing with more accuracy and precision. In this blog, I have provided a short guide to vector graphic design.

Short Guide To Vector Graphic Design

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a professionally built graphic design software made for the UI and UX design. At a very low price of only $49.99, this software is a very good substitute of Illustrator and Sketch.


Dribble let designers upload their work and others can like, comment, and attain the colors they want to use in their design. Some users spend lots of their time paying attention to other people work so that they can have inspiration for creating quality images using Affinity Designer.

Creating Vector graphics, require three basic principles

a) Being Simple

b) Being Clean

c) Being Bold

These three basic principles are the essential points to create legit vector graphics.

Being Simple refers that your design should look simple, having a collection of simple shapes that you use together to form an image. Every point goes hand in hand with each other as your design does not have to be messed up. and in the last, it should look bold by using great use of colors.


There are hundreds of practical advantages to learning vector graphic design. By creating vector graphics using these three principles, one can do really good in vector graphics. Also, it can help you in creating SVG and CSS images. I have given an example of Affinity Designer, you can use any tool you would like to use.


Vector graphic design mainly emphasizes on creating designs which are simply built, having cleansed architecture with the beautiful use of colors. By using these principles one can create good vector graphic images.

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