What is a Single-Page Website Design and When to Use It?

Saurabh Tiwary | 24th November 2016

A single-page website or application (SPA) is a website which is displayed on a single web-page. It aims to provide the user experience similar to a desktop application. Experts designers put efforts to provide the app-like usability through a single-page site.

Single-Page Website Experts

Such websites or applications work in two ways. Either all the required codes are retrieved with a single page loading or the useful resources are dynamically fetched and added to the page when needed. The principle may vary depending on the user actions.


Moreover, Interaction with the single page web applications often requires dynamic communication with the web server within the internal  website structure. New browsers that that are capable of parsing the HTML5 let developers shift the user interface and the application logic from the web servers to the client.


Additionally, a number of open-source libraries make it quite convenient to build a single-page website, reducing the amount of javascript the developer has to write.


How a Single-Page Website is Different From a Multi-Page Website?

The single-page site is meant to keep the user in a specific web environment. If all the required content fits on just one page, then why add more pages? That’s why these sites are being used and they follow the minimal design approach.

On the other hand, multi-page websites usually focus on showcasing a broad range of products or services. Their user base is probably quite diverse as well.

  • Since multi-page websites incorporate too much of content, they are very large compared to a single-page website
  • Also, there exist multiple level with the intricate UI
  • they may consist of a number of micro-websites and sections to break up information and often have multiple entry points
  • They offer more control over SEO with multiple pages and are useful for sites with dynamic content update.


Advantages of Single-Page Website Over Multi-Page Websites

Single-Page Websites are Simple to Use

Single Page Website offers simple UI design and ease of access. The user does not need to learn through every navigation, everything is available on the one page. This, in turn, helps boost the website usability.


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Single-Page Websites are Mobile Friendly

These websites are easy to adapt the mobile screens as the design remains almost the same. Also, single-page templates are responsive and provide better viewing experience on smartphones.

Better Conversion Rates

It is matter of fact that the interactive nature of the single-page design is likely to have higher conversion rates as compared to the multi-page sites. Most of the CTA buttons reside on the homepage and the user feels free to communicate throughout while accessing the various components of the page.

Storytelling Design Approach Compels Users For Action

Stories are very useful tools that help web designers grab the attention of the users and are likely to enhance the click through rates. Storytelling approach of single page website results in a solid UI that directly connects with the user and can provide amazing results.


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Single-Page Website Allows Easy Iteration

Making changes to a pageless website is easy, compared to the multi-page designs. Since there exists only a single page, there is not much of hassle to deal with. Be it a front-end design or a backend code editing, these websites can easily be modified.

When to Choose a Single-Page Website?

These websites are gradually attracting designers as well the business owners owing to their flexible and effective nature. One should go for one -page website provided they do not have vast content that needs individual page categories with consistent modifications.

However, single page websites are also useful in dealing with heavy content-based sites, but they do not provide much room for modification as they follow minimalist approach.

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