Sketch vs Photoshop: Why Are We Moving To Sketches?

Kritika Jain | 29th September 2017

Adobe Photoshop software is mostly opted by the designer to design web layouts or digital designs used worldwide for design, photography, video editing and for more. In fact, we can say it is a hammer for the designer, but we also have some other software to perform this same job. Newly it seems that Sketch is becoming popular among designers for designing digital layouts.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these two popular designing tools.

1. Shared styles

In Photoshop we can apply the same layer styling on a bunch of layers to same our time, But these layers do not become connected to one another or to the style. So further we can change the style. Sketch keep every layer connected to the style by preserving the stylistic attributes of a layer in shared style.

2. Prototyping directly on the canvas

Once we are done with designing beautiful screen layouts, we can represent the flow of data using prototyping. Formerly, we would sync InVision either Sketch or Photoshop to do prototyping. But in present time, using Craft, we can create prototypes for desktop as well as for mobile directly within Sketch and sync the finished result with InVision to test then share, and collaborate that result.

3. Swapping symbols

 In Sketch icons/ symbols are treated in the same manner as in Photoshop like a smart object. But we can use multiple instances of the same graphics that will be sync with a “master.  The sketch gives you the freedom to use any instance of symbol and swap it with another(like active and inactive state ).

4. Group resizing

 In Photoshop you can resize group by stretching the contents together, But sometimes it causes the distortion in a layout.On the other hand, In Sketch, By fixing dimensions or saving margins in place we can create group content or symbols to behave more”responsively” without distortion.

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