The Skills Required To Be A Good Designer

Kritika Jain | 27th September 2018

The Skills required to be a good designer-

Creative thinkingCreative thinking means looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective, suggesting a new solution. Creative thinking can be defined as “thinking outside the box.”

Communication– As a designer, it is very important to be able to accurately express your thoughts and ideas to other people in an understandable way.

Drawing- being able to communicate your thoughts through quick, accurate sketches allows you to explain your ideas when talking is not enough. So it can be beneficial for a designer.

Research- If you have a detailed understanding of the target market and target audience, you are designing for, will help you to find a useful, effective, and appropriate solution.

Teamwork- The ability to work effectively within the group. Mostly all the design projects are done in teams of people with all different skills, knowledge, and ability.

Time Management- When you are working on multiple projects, then it important to set priorities for your work. Reaching deadlines with enough time to improve the finishing touches.

CAD- Designing on a computer s an effective way to build and test ideas, Whilst also allowing for attractive visualizations through detailed renderings.

User Centred- Having a design process that focuses on how the end user will interact with the product, increasing the final design’s usability and effectiveness.

Aesthetics- Knowing what makes a design eye-catching and attractive create a more appealing design. A product’s appearance is the first thing a consumer notice.

Branding- The ability to design products that visually fit into a brands identity and other.

This may be your own brand or a company you are working.

Interfaces – The visual communication between a product and its user. This can be through hardware or software, Making a product understandable.

Ergonomics- How a product fits with the end user’s physical shape and abilities. To increase comfort, efficiency, and usability whilst decreasing fatigue and wear.

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