Adobe Updates Spark Video With New Features

Saurabh Tiwary | 29th December 2016

Spark Video, Adobe’s popular video-storytelling app gets a major update. Spark Video has been widely used to create animated explainer videos without motion graphics expertise just by adding photos, icons and text and voice. With the new update released around a week ago, Adobe Spark video is now more powerful tool than before. Users can now add video clips to their project and the app now provides a more seamless option and boundless scopes to create storytelling with more ease.

Adobe Spark Video Update_Explainer_Videos

Storytelling through video has been the trend for a while in web design applications. Adobe has finally contributed to this rising demand of video through this major update. Stats reveal that video will generate about 80% of the global Internet traffic by the year 2019.

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New Features in Adobe Spark

As per a recent release of Adobe, through new Spark update, video clips can be easily added to the video project in no time. With the advent of this new feature in the spark video app, it’s likely to help both the designers and the marketers to engage and connect with their audience in a more interactive way.

One of the most anticipated features of Spark was importing video clips to the project. With the new Spark update, the company has made this available to its users. This feature is intuitive and very easy to use.

Here is how it works:

  • To add a video clip to the existing project, you will need to add a slide to the Spark Video project and look for the video and choose one from your iOS device. Unlike video editor features, the video clip in Spark can easily be grouped into a number of slides with different durations.
  • You have the option to create a new point in the same video clip wherever required. All you need to do is just split it into a new slide by pressing the “continue” button. Once you do this, you can just overlay any text, icon or voice and adjust the volume.


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Keeping the user experience in mind, users can also trim video clips. This feature allows you to set custom size by trimming specifically with start and end parameters. One-touch trimming feature allows you to trim using just your thumb.

A video project without sound is just like a car without petrol. The new feature in Adobe Spark makes it very convenient to add voice to the project. A voice button is present, by tapping on which you can easily record your voice without any hassle. Additionally, video clips can be aligned to the specific length of narrations with a single tap.

To provide a professional touch, sometimes you might need to add some music. To do this, Spark has some music suggestions based on the project mood. In addition, you can add your own tracks as well. A very intuitive feature is to highlight specific sound during the video playback.These music clip sound can have the ambient background, or it can be muted or emphasized.

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