How to Give a Kick Start to Your Career in UI/UX Design

Kashish Bhatia | 30th November 2018



User Interface and User Experience are the most trending terms for designers in the mobile app world these days. In another word, the mobile app market is ruling all over the world, the reason is clear: uses of smart application are on peek nowadays.


Only well-designed apps will get the attention of the users, this is the base of some best business models, which we using nowadays Example: Uber, Swiggy, Facebook, Gmail, etc.


While creating your first mobile app design, we need to understand some basic points and logic, once you get them you can start working as a UI/UX Designer


How to start?


Here are some basics for UI/UX Design. Read each and every point very carefully




The design tool is the most important thing for creating a career as a UI/UX Designer, you need tools to design the look and feel and for creating an experience for your app. I will recommend Sketch it’s very easy to learn and adaptive tool for a designer.


Here are some other tools for designing to check them out!


  1. Adobe XD(Free)
  2. Invision(Free)
  3. Sketch (Only for Mac)
  4. Framer (Only for Mac)
  5. Adobe Photoshop


2.Target Platforms


Android and Ios are the most used platforms nowadays, so we have too mostly design app designs for these operating systems. Designing UI for Ios and Android can be different in some scenarios, you can read guidelines from here:


Material Design:


Ios Design:


3. Free Resources


We can get the latest trendy designs free from some online websites because experienced designers share the latest concepts on online websites but as a newcomer, we should follow the guidelines while using online resources. Here are some websites for online resources.

  1. Pinterest
  2. Dribbble
  3. Flaticon
  4. UI8
  5. The noun project
  6. Scketchappresources
  7. XD Guru


4.Online UX Courses



If you like to Explore more things and lates UX terms so you can join online UX Courses here is the website:


Thanks for reading!!

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