Storytelling is the ultimate weapon in design

Sukhmani Kaur | 29th March 2019

“Storytelling” is the ultimate weapon in the design. Nowadays, this term is bursting all over the internet. There is a scientific explanation behind the story telling- when we hear a good story, a hormone called oxytocin tends to increase. Oxytocin builds good feelings like trust and empathy. If we implement storytelling ¬†into our product design, your users would like your product and spread your story and your product.


There is an important fact that needs to be considered. Before you start designing, try to understand the target audience for your product. This can be done by conducting user research. When you have sufficient data, user personas can be created. A user persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer of your product. A persona is based on user research and inculcates the needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience.


The advanced storytelling- “Product Design Storytelling” is a product and user experience storytelling. This follows basic 5 steps which is called the most classic structure, this includes: beginning (explanation), conflict (problem), culmination (understanding to the core of the problem), falling action (problem solving) and outcome (how the problem is solved).

It helps to see the bigger and clearer picture. It combines the power of creativity and analytical thinking.


Let us take an example: there is a user who has many subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others.

Our user name is Daniel. Starting from explaining and describing the application. The next step would be describing the problem which is so many subscriptions and losing track of it. He doesn’t have a tool to control and monitor the subscriptions. The rising action will be generating big and small problems across it. The culminating approach (problem solving) searching for multiple options to solve the problem. In the end, the outcome will be the optimal way to solve the problem.


Storytelling when comes to the design can help your users and create something that will make your user’s life easier. The beauty of the design is not how it looks but how it solves your problem.


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Sukhmani Kaur

I like thinking and creating solutions to the problems which user encounter in their journey while running an application. Creating a simple, eye catchy and user engaging things is my motto while designing.

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