The Major Challenges For UX Designers

Saurabh Tiwary | 6th July 2016

UX Designers often take into the account some of the major perspectives of the design viz. Information Architecture, Navigation Options, Interaction Design etc. Overall, everything tails around achieving the usability of the design to the end users. However, there are no hard and fast rules for UX designers that would ensure the success of the design.

Challenges in UX, Challenges Faced by UX Designers


1) Balancing Functionality And The UX Design

It is one of the major concerns that bothers UX designers the most. During the design process, it is observed that clients often come up with some  customization requests or additional functionalities to be incorporated into the design. It adds to the trouble as during the design phase, whenever new modifications are brought, it becomes difficult for UX Designers to create a balance between the functionalities and the User Experience.



The Solution-

One way to get rid of such trouble is to employ more designers so that one would be following up with the clients and would suggest to the designer through other strategies. Another way to deal with these issues is to make a separate strategy providing a scope for any change in the design at an specific point of time during the design process. It may have a pre-defined  problem-solving approach and not interrupt the ongoing UX design process.



2) Risk Factor-

UX designers often fear the risk of design success. The challenges are even bigger when the design has to be carried out for a large organisation impacting a vast number of users. This is a common scenario in companies that lack years of experience or it has deployed designers that do not actually possess expertise in UX design. In such cases, both the company and the clients need to compromise with the product quality and the associated cost.The Solution-

It might be difficult for startups to hire a number of expert UX designers for quality assurance and success. However, the positive move would be to deploy only a few experts having the technical knowledge and work experience and hence, increase the number of developers involved in the design project.



3) No Common Language

Developers often fail to understand the creative and intuitive requirements  proposed by the designers. In fact, it a two-way conversation.


Designers are not aware of every business reason for a project or its  implications of their ideas on development. Is is a matter of time that builds multidisciplinary fluency. Every role has its own importance like, marketers need to think about differentiation, developers about the feasibility, and designers to focus on ambiguity.

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