The Mobile Ecommerce Design Customers Really Want

Saurabh Tiwary | 16th June 2016

Internet users are no more deficient to accessing the web content over their PCs. Growing number of smartphone users and the need of portable devices has changed the way people used to access internet in the past. This has also lead online retailers to make their products available accessible through mobile apps. Having a Mobile Ecommerce app for your business can let users explore all your products on the go. It might add to their convenience perform all operations on their fingertips.

Mobile ECommerce Customers

Before you proceed with your Mobile Ecommerce Design, it is essential for you to know the type of users and their mindsets. Inviting a visitor to your website does not guarantee that they make a purchase from your website. There exists different type of people who come forward for so many reasons.

  • Users That Visit To Pass Their Time
  • Users That Need To Compare Products
  • Users That Are Interested In Buying Products With Offers


Factors That Affect Conversion Rates

There are so many factors that can have impact on the Mobile Ecommerce design. A proper information architecture and the hierarchy of the content are the key to the ecommerce design. Let’s go through several other aspects including these.

  • Hierarchy And Navigation:- One of the major challenges encountered in Mobile Ecommerce Design is the management of limited space to display elements. Hence, it is essential to prioritize key features and product thus by providing a search box  that is easily accessible in a exact location. As the adoption of off-canvas navigation is becoming popular, users have started to understand how to use it.


  • Fixed vs Non-Fixed Navigation:- Fixed navigations are visible to the user throughout as they scroll up or down. However, non-fixed navigations are  visible only when user is browsing at the top of the page. At present, the trend that follows is for fixed navigation as it is annoying to scroll from the top of the page to search for the menu bar. Fixed navigation makes it easier to look directly into menus and  accessing deep sections of the website. Working on fixed navigation is easy with the help of MeanMenu jQuery plugin or with Bootstrap’s NavBar.


  • Finger Friendly Design:- Finger Friendly Website can serve users in different ways.
  • For navigation of the category tree
  • For search buttons and filters such as checkboxes with precise touch
  • Several buttons like “Add to Wishlist” and “Compare”
  • For form fields used to enter the billing other relevant information
  • For the purpose of swiping product photos rather than tapping features

These are the useful ways for planning on Mobile Ecommerce Design. This approach will help you deliver an e-commerce website that that works well on majority of mobile devices and targets at your  customers.

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