4 Effective Ways To Create A Timeless WebDesign

Saurabh Tiwary | 19th October 2016

No denying the fact that a business website design often considers  the implementation of ideas that are likely to help in the long run. The purpose of designing a website requires ideas that can help you boost your conversion rate and aid to the consistent growth over time. Although web development and design approaches demand consistent maintenance and upgrades, but if you do not want yourself to engage with the complexities of consistent website look, it is good to go behind the Timeless WebDesign approaches.

What Is Timeless WebDesign? 

Timeless WebDesign

Timeless Webdesign refers to the type of design that looks fresh and follows modern design approaches. The focus is on creating something that lasts longer.

Here, I list some of the implicit approaches that can make your website look modern for many years.

  1. Your Content Must Be Readable

It is about readable text types, images and the overall clarity of your design and message. It may seem like a long sequential process, a focus on simplicity and readability are the key factors.

  • Ensure that typography is readable in different sizes and with no difficulty. Novelty typefaces can be effective, but if users fail to understand your message, the design  will be useless.
  • Images that you place must be sharp, of high quality and easy to understand. Similar to the typography, all other visuals must be clearly readable.
  • The overall design needs to look appealing but should possess a clear message. The combination of images, text and user interaction must create an integrated experience that users want to be a part of. If you create an ambiguous design, even beautifully designed websites might fail.


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  1. Ensure Interactivity

Once you establish a connection among all the components listed above, it comes to grabbing user’s attention towards your products and services. This can be achieved by implementing approaches that can help users interact and communicate. It will ensure that they remain engaged in exploring your products and services.


One of the great ways is to provide users with some interactive buttons on the homepage that is inescapable. However, it is important that the content that you want your users to be driven into should be what the users are looking for.


  1. Prioritise With An Objective

If you are opting to indulge into something very creative or out of the box, make sure it aims to achieve some target goals. Additionally, you must take into the account the effectiveness of that design approach, whether the user might appreciate or get annoyed with it.


If your idea hassles the user, it is likely to go in vain. So, prioritise it based on the practical applications and correlations to your targets. It is important to focus on the accents.


Some Crucial Components of Accents Are:

  • Distinct Typography
  • Engaging Pops of Colors
  • Simple Animation
  • Unusual Texture Of Background
  • Creative And Out Of The Box Components


  1. Establish Visual Identity

It is important to use consistent colors and icons for similar objects. Once you use a specific color or pattern for any design component, it should be consistently used in your design process. Some of the approaches for creating visual identity and consistency are:

  • Use same colors throughout.
  • Make use of handful fonts and sizes.
  • Take into the account the alignment rules for text and pick a style.
  • Stick to a tone which is consistent throughout


The Bottom Line

The purpose of going behind Timeless WebDesign is the need of small startups or business that do not want to spend a lot in web design or development services. In fact, they need something that goes longer and serve their business needs. So, following the above-mentioned points, one can ensure that their website is functional and does not require high expenses for long term.

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