Tips To Choose A Proper Color Scheme For User Interface

Akhila Raju | 27th September 2018

Light or Dark UI?

Readability and legibility

These are both directly connected to the content which is presented with text. How easy it is to read words, phrases, and blocks of copy is more defined on what is readability. How quickly and intuitively users can distinguish the words and letters in an interface is legibility.

Not all interfaces with light background are readable. We can use colors with high contrast between the text and the background and colors with very high contrast. White text on a black background is good. Legibility suffers more in color schemes that make the text lighter than pure black. So, if the colors are users on different backgrounds then they may be readable enough.


The core details on the screen or page and their ability to distinguish is clarity. It often deals with the simplicity and intuitiveness of navigation where you might have to scan the layout and find the elements and interactions of them, users don’t need to put much effort into it.

If this is not tested properly, it may take a step toward weak visual hierarchy and turn the screen into a mess. Contrast and color schemes always play the major role.


This step comes when we check the usability and its functions and on which device they use it on. Even something really stylish and appealing in a high-resolution laptop can also transform into a very bad stain on small resolutions. So even though we apply really good colors in the design but some might lose their beauty in everyday conditions they are applied in to.


Web and mobile interfaces are used in surrounding conditions which may be believed as typical if the target audience is researched carefully. A dark background can be used to create the effect of reflection, mainly on screens which are used for tablets and smartphones. In conditions of badly-lit surrounding conditions, a dark background can take the light away from the screen which has a bad influence on figuring out how to get somewhere and the ease of reading something. So, the attention here is drawn by the color combinations and the contrast shades.

We see here that choosing the right background color for your layout is very important step affecting the product as well as the usability.

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