Tips for Designing Business Websites For Startups

Bharat | 24th October 2018

Small business owners are now understanding the benefits of taking their businesses online. That’s why they are showing interest in creating their business identities on the web. For an online business, a website is a basic requirement as it helps others in knowing what your company does. You must know what your site should incorporate such as mobile-friendly design, media elements that load rapidly and look great, social media tools, etc.

Complete design or template:

The most crucial element for designing an effective business website is choosing a design that works really well for every type of device, mainly smartphones. It’s because most online searches are now happening on mobile phones. Also, Google is in the process of starting a new mobile-first index that will rank mobile-optimized sites on the top.

For this, you can use website builder having a library of mobile-friendly templates to make sure that your website works well. Also, there are certain pages and sections that customers look for in a business website. Due to this, a startup’s website must consist of a home page, a contact page, an about us page, and a service page.


Having multimedia elements:

Nowadays, images say more than a thousand words, because smartphone users like to browse images and watch videos instead of reading texts on a little screen. Correctly formatted, tagged, and optimized images and videos can help your site rank higher in search results thus, benefiting startup websites over the web. A custom favicon (a little image at the top of the browser tab) can help your startup with branding and make it more beneficial as a bookmark or toolbar icon for your frequent customers.

Get searched and also track your results:

Pictures and user-friendliness are not only the elements that a site requires to rank well in search results. There are a large number of SEO best practices which a business website must follow. The use of correct keywords and other metadata can help local shoppers and users to find your services. So that the potential clients around the globe find your business website easily. Also, in tracking the performance of a website, Google Analytics can help the website owner. These aspects should be kept in mind while designing business websites for startups.


In a nutshell, for designing business websites, these above-mentioned tips are very important. Perfect design that works well on every device, correctly formatted, tagged, optimized images and best practices of SEO are some positive impacts of these tips.

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