Tips For Designing A Product Page

Saurabh Tiwary | 4th May 2016

Designing an e-commerce website for selling your products online is definitely a smart trading move today. However, the online business won’t work your way unless you learn the techniques of marketing your products. One of these techniques includes designing an appropriate product page for your e-commerce website. Here, we shall discuss particularly about designing a product page in such a way that it improves your online sales.

Product Page Design

What Makes Your Product Page Perfect?

Any product page design must achieve some of the design goals like:-

  • A perfect product page must be able to motivate and encourage people to buy the product
  • It should contain all the information related to the item on the same page
  • It should be able to assure user that they are buying appropriate item


However, definition of a perfect product page may vary depending on the product and the type of industry it is associated to. In such cases, it is essential to test the product page on different grounds.


Impress Users With The Product But Don’t Overwork

It is essential to make sure that your products get viewed before you put any sales attempt. It is possible to secure a sale only when you are successful in catching the attention of the user from your prospect. It is possible to do so  in following two ways:-.

  • By surprising the customers when they come across your product page
  • By providing them with distinct products is another simple yet effective way of capturing their attention


Answer Everything Before User Asks Anything

An improper product layout and lack of essential details are the two main reasons why some of the e-commerce websites fail to impress their visitors. There are chances of user leaving your website immediately if your product page fails to offer what they actually need.

Few tips to get rid of such problems are:-

  • Put a strong sales message on the product page. It can transform your prospects to the loyal customers
  • A visitor gets frustrated when the product they actually need is out of stock. So, a smart idea is to prioritize only those products that are available in the stock
  • Do not forget to mention the exact pricing of the product on the product page as this is something that bothers them the most. Always have a practice of highlighting the price of the product for clearer communication and to ensure transparency of information


Provide Every Piece Of Information

This is what that actually builds the trust of the customers towards the product you sell online.

  • Provide each and every specifications to the product you portray. Offer users to review your product and read reviews by other customers as well. This ensures customer satisfaction
  • Sometimes, it is not possible to provide all the information using texts. In such cases, it is useful to showcase the product using images, carousels and 3D view


Few Other Approaches:-

Some other product page design approaches include:-

  • Use of white space and CTA buttons are likely to enhance the conversion rates of e-commerce designs
  • Do not let arise any sort of confusion related to the product you showcase
  • Use high quality images and improve user interface to the best of your ability
  • Offer information of complementary products and related combos



Product page design demands best of your user experience design expertise. A proper design can reward you a gem and at the same time, unattractive one can cost you with decreased sales. Follow the strategies discussed above and use your creativity to the best so as to come up with the best of e-commerce design.

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