Apply These Useful Tips For Extra Large Footer Design

Swarnim Agarwal | 1st August 2019

One of the most important point to consider is to make the design look simpler with lots of information, commonly in the case of the footer. Clean elements and usage of space can serve the purpose. Also keep in mind to the elements you are including in the footer, what is the reason behind it. Footer size mainly depends on the amount of information.

Most of the sites use color, icons and text which makes it look simple. Remember to make the links easily clickable. How you arrange the bundle of information simply depends on its individual importance, the client and the product as well. As some client gives importance to About us and contacts us while others give importance to their services. If you are working with an global Ui Ux design studio then these tips might help while designing.

So you need a beautiful and attractive footer which is usable and eye pleasing. Not a problem!

Oversized footers are used on company sites or blog sites usually. With all that you can add graphics, split up pages into sections. The main purpose of the footer is to make the navigation easier. so with the extra large footer, navigation could be made a breeze.

If you are designing an extra large footer that means you. require space for “something”. For example in the case of the blog site, you can add the most popular posts from your site into different columns. Just make sure you use headings or titles to organize the links to ease the navigation.

Branding is a subtle and powerful reminder to each user who visits your site. If you have space in your footer, you can try adding a logo, icon or any small graphic to illustrate your brand.

Brand yourself as it will be memorable by the users. But you don’t have to go for the illustration, the colors, patterns or textures can be repeated again.

Just make sure that the content you are sharing is correct and identical to your audience.

Footer is looked in two ways:

For sharing links unavailable anywhere else.
For showing content to lure more people.

For businesses, you can go with the first one. Otherwise, if you have a blog or content-oriented site, choose the latter.

One can try to add related products, blog posts, social media feeds, anything that will compel the user to click. You can fill you over-sized footer with links to keep the user engaged with your site and it might give a good experience to the users in terms of user engaging website design.

You can also add a list of tags. It might have the email field with the list of tags and categories. This builds a beautiful contrast on the page. This is to grab the attention and increase the subscribers in the long run.

Some of the most important things we should keep in mind while designing large footer:

The footer should always have a purpose.
The footer should be responsive to different screen sizes.
The footer should have all the information which the user expects.
Links should be organized in the footer.
Voice and Branding should be maintained in the footer as the rest of the website.
There should be proper spacing between links and information.
The footer should be kept separate.

I hope these tips will help you to start down the right track.

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