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Sukhmani Kaur | 8th August 2019

An illustration describes a text, concept or process, designed for the various published media, such as flyers, magazines, books, animations, and films in a visual manner. An illustration plays an important role in writing as well as to illustrate means to demonstrate something clearly. An illustration is basically an enrichment, understanding or visual clarification of content. Using illustrations in design makes an easy way to increase the amount of visual appeal your design has. Not only it brightens things up and makes the site more captivating. An effective illustration clearly demonstrates and supports a point through the use of evidence. 


Here are some of the best tools you can use with your devices to make you a better digital illustrator.

  • Adobe Illustrator CC:

The big news is that you no longer need to switch to Photoshop to crop your images; a new Image Crop tool lets you do it directly in Illustrator.

Now, when an image is placed into a document, you’ll see a crop option that will enable you to adjust simple crop handles. The cropped images discard the excess parts of the image, thus reducing the file size and improving the performance of files.

The company brought out the new version of Illustrator, 22.0, with the headline feature being a new Puppet Warp tool. Replicating the same tool in Photoshop but for vectors, this lets you place pins on objects and pull them around to warp them. These tools are widely used by providers of web design services. 

  • Kyle’s Brushes:

There are one set of Photoshop brushes: those are from Kyle T. Webster. That is because he’s partnered with Adobe to make over 1,000 brushes available free to Creative Cloud subscribers. It is easily accessible in Photoshop in the Libraries panel (select the ‘Kyle Brushes’ library).

  • Corel Draw:

CorelDRAW is a popular vector illustration and graphics tool for the Windows platform. In April, 2017 it released a new version, but the one that grabbed all the headlines was the LiveSketch vector tool, which offers nothing less than artificial intelligence-guided sketching.

  • Live Sketch:

The idea behind the new feature is to make drawing directly on a tablet screen with a stylus feel more natural. LiveSketch uses AI and machine-learning technology to intelligently interpret your hand-drawn strokes, adjust them and combine them with existing vector curves for results that better match your intentions. Basically, you will end up with the illustration that looks more like what you would have produced using a physical pen and paper. 


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