Top 4 Mobile App Design Guidelines That Sharpen Your Design

Bharat | 16th August 2018

Whenever a designer has to design a mobile application, the first question which comes to his brain is how to design a mobile app? What’s the requirement of a user? These kinds of questions go on and on as a project comes in front of a designing team. A design is an association of science and art. Apps which are very popular and users must have certain reasons behind, it might be good UX or the services which that app is providing are exceptional. By looking at some of the best mobile apps, we come across certain mobile app design guidelines that can help a designer enhancing his design.

Top-Notch Mobile App Design Guidelines

A design should be as per the platform

One thing that matters the most in the design of a mobile application is considering the platform where the application is going to develop? For app designing, the platform of the application is equally essential as other criteria. No matter if it’s iOS, Android or any other platform, a designer must use guidelines according to the particular platform selected by the project development team.

Maintaining the design flow according to the application theme

The theme of the mobile application from top to end must be consistent. The icons and color compositions should be aligned in an accurate manner as per the app’s theme. It is one of the prime reasons why the user continues to move from one page of the app to another.

Using auto-fill

Filling up the details of a form using a mobile phone is a monotonous process. Therefore, the superb way is to understate the quantity of typing needed for using a mobile app. Only required fields should be there else eliminate other fields from the form. Using personalized data and auto-fill where it is required so that the users only have to fill the least of the information.


Making the elements of the interface noticeable

The elements represented on the front-end of the mobile application should be persuasible. The heading title of the mobile application should have at least 30pxl. The designer should design the interface which looks consistent, if the font alignment is placed on the left then it should be aligned in the same manner until the last page of the application. Using simple colors support the usability of the mobile application. A person with low vision can easily see and use the app, for this, color contrast between elements should also be taken care of. To ensure that, there is an ample contrast between the background and font color so that the text will be readable.


The designer has to make sure that the mobile app design guidelines are getting followed. In this way, he can justify the specific expectations of the users. This thing also improves the UX, a user gets while using the mobile application.

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