Top Principles of Human Centered Design

Swarnim Agarwal | 31st December 2018

How would you feel if you are provided numerous choices but none of them based on human experiences? This question might seem erratic but this is what we are living with!! Knowingly or unknowingly we are opting for our daily choirs based on numerous designs, whether its applying filters on social networking sites or online retailers. Those designs might be dependent on mathematical models, repetitive algorithms extracted by artificial intelligence, but are they served at the best.


From a general point of view (that of end users), it(design dependency) is not of such great significance, because they are unaware of the vast potentials of human-centered design. But we as designers have a very long way to go. To traverse that path individually would be next to impossible since each and every human being is unique and so are their demands as well as expectations.


Designing was never just about appearance, from its inception it is taken as a tool to beautify the product, as of now, its reach has expanded largely. Today designing includes ease of acceptance, trust on the brand and attracting new customers. Now is the era of mouth to mouth advertisement, one cannot be centered just on market-oriented instead customer oriented. Human-centered designs have added a new dimension to the universe of designing, not only you have to become the customer but use your design, experience the usage and redesign till you, as a customer not as a designer, are fully content. Concentrate on most viable prototypes by applying a design-driven approach along with above-mentioned approaches, to all the phases of the product. Never take any design as final, every new user will provide new scopes of improvements just you have to ask the right question. This task should be started as a team sport, supporting one another instead of blaming, averting or giving excuses. Also, it’s not possible for anyone to ponder over a topic time and again and coming out with the most legitimate solution at the same time. Even the process would get sluggish if you don’t leave your desk and be focused on theoretical aspects. The users have to be involved at the earliest and not only for getting feedback, It is the responsibility of the designer to determine the most suitable designs but of users to evaluate their suitability, then the only design can be declared to be human-centered design. We are ready to answer a very simple yet intriguing query, you can have a try……Why provide extra efforts when the users are satisfied at lesser outputs, at end of the day everybody needs maximum benefits at minimum inputs??

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