Top 6 UX Design Myths You Must Be Aware Of

Akhila Raju | 21st September 2018

What is a myth? A myth is a majorly known but false belief. People connect themselves with that belief in such a manner that they don’t want to challenge them, don’t want to go beyond them and also don’t want others to challenge those beliefs or myths. And if someone does that, initially they don’t accept because traditional stories and events are related to them. In the field of designing, we come across a variety of myths too. In this blog, I am disclosing a few top UX design myths.

Top UX Design Myths You Must Be Aware Of

Myth #1: If the Design is a Good One, You Don’t Need to Test It.

The myth states that if an experienced person is making the design, then he knows it all so there is no need to have the design tested. There is another myth which says that good designers create finished products in one shot, with very few mockups and prototypes. One should know that user testing is the absolute key to see how it works among the users.

Myth #2: People Don’t Scroll.

People don’t scroll, it is one of the top UX design myths mentioned. There was a time when people were not used to scrolling, but nowadays its very natural to scroll and going ahead. If a person wants to show more lengthy content, like an article, the scrolling will be easy for a better usability then showing the content in separate pages.

Even if the content is long, people do read if the page is worth reading and you don’t have to squeeze everything in the top. To make sure that the users scroll your page, you need to follow some design principles and good content.

Myth #3: UX and UI design are the same things.

UI and UX are not the same, both are different in their own perspective and hold a major part in the design and its use.

Having a well-designed UI is a vital part of providing good experiences to your users. Apart from the UI, many other elements are equally important and when we put all of them together, makes a good UX Design with user’s perspective on how they respond with the design.

Myth #4: People are distracted on mobile.

Nowadays people get lots of ads, pop-ups, so they get distracted from the Real view. So, this is really imping to show users what they want when they enter your screen.

Just think, when checking the flight schedule on your phone, you want the actual genuine information quickly, with very few steps you won’t tolerate any steps which are not related to your tasks. Ads? Profile registration? No, thanks! Auto-correcting the name of the street that you deliberately put in? Off limits!

A very good UX Design shouldn’t ignore mobile users.


Myth #5: People Read.

Short: They don’t.

Long: Users scan the pages from top to down by scrolling and only stop if they find something they were looking for. Users read the web only if they are really interested in. They scan for highlighted keywords, meaningful headings, and short paras. Users will be in a hurry to find the very piece of info they’re looking for and they will skip the irrelevant part.

Myth #6: White space is wasted space.

White space or “negative space”, refers to the empty space between the elements of a layout or a design which is overlooked and neglected. It allows for easier readability and scannability. The good rule of white space is to reduce the amount of text which visitors see because a cluttered page is unattractive and doesn’t attract the users anyway.

White space can bring the main elements and content in to focus, and your eye guides the content from one place to another.

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