Latest trends Used By Front End Development Experts

Bharat | 25th April 2018

As the trends in the tech industry are changing day by day, most of the businesses are going online. There is a difference that needs to be filled with a great user experience. Business houses still have to understand the value of the user experience. Online businesses are all about user experience and the quality of services the business house is selling to its clients. 2017 turned highly productive for many software development firms, but 2018 has the potential to earn more growth than in 2017. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the latest trends used by Front End Development experts.


Latest trends used by front end development experts:

Use of Vue.js

New and latest inventions in designs and development constantly improve the future of Front End development. In just two years, Vue.js takes the top position of the rapidly developing React system. There are many reasons for its success but one of the major reasons is that it is easy to learn. It also has a flexible environment for making front ends and also allows writing code with low chances of errors. It was designed to help designers having less programming knowledge. Vue.js supports asynchronous DOM updates, two-way data binding, easy integration with HTML templates.

Use of Angular:

Angular helps in combining Javascript with HTML and CSS. It provides a very good environment when it comes to teamwork because while creating an application, it divides the application into components – front-end and business logic. The development environment works on MVVM template. It also helps in creating scalable applications and supports simple integration with third-party libraries. It is ideal for creating dynamic mobile software because of its two-way data binding technique. It actually improves the responsiveness of applications with animated elements.

Use of GraphQL:

The need to develop something advanced than the REST API and also to increase the responsiveness of the mobile software lead to the development of GraphQL. GraphQL, an API query language with an unusual syntax that was created by Facebook developers. It was developed with the intentions to go beyond the classic features of REST APIs and to sort the aggregation of transmitted data from multiple sources simultaneously. It’s a smart personal assistant, which uses addresses of the sources we specify and will provide us with what we need.

Use of Gatsby:

Within the tight budget, if we want to use only advanced technologies in our projects, we must try Gatsby. It’s an inventive technology, and it’s somehow better than its competitors because it doesn’t use templating and else relies on Webpack and React components. It gives us the facility of auto-updates and instant page transitions. It helps in extracting data from many GraphQL APIs and then uses them in creating a fully static React client application during the build process.



Front End development scripts are gaining popularity because of its rise in technology. From the above list, one gets to know what are the latest trends used by Front End development experts. By using these technologies one can maximize the look and feel of a website or app and this will lead to generating more revenues.

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