A Detailed Study on Types of Web Animations

Manraj sandhu | 3rd October 2019

We have entered an era, where your potential buyer sticks to your web page if it is interesting. Now this is no secret and we all know that a web page is the face of the company an that it needs to be simple for the user to understand and manure through it.

That was the case, until every other business went online. Today, you will find billions of businesses online of the same category, be it FMCG or SMCG related. The point that we are trying to make is that, most sites tend to be different in design but lacks the element of entertainment.

Yes, you read that right, the site must be a bit entertaining to your user. It should go beyond the concept of user feasibility and must be interesting so that the user remains intrigued and interested in your site.

One of the many ways you could make your site interesting is through web animations. Web animations were popular in the mobile app domain, but with its growing popularity, web designers started integrating it into websites as well.

Through these web animations you can keep your users fascinated, involved, and communicate your vision, mission and product features effectively. One could even say, that the animation can make your website popular, provided with the kind of animation you choose for your web page.

That being said, let us look at the types of web animations-


Loading animation type-

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to wait, in fact most people tend to skip to another site if the site keeps on loading. This is where the loading animation comes into play. While your site is loading, you can add a cartoons, graphs or shapes that change with the loading percentage. This type makes the loading less boring and the user to be intrigued by the constant changing animation.

In other words, this sort of animation eliminates the feeling of wait, and gives the sense of an effective web page.


Welcome animation type-

They say, first impression is the last impression, and this goes both ways interns of good and bad. Which is why, it is important that the target audience finds your site to be unique and interesting. Which brings us to this category of animation.


A welcoming animations can be of various types. We’ll examine the most common to understand how they captivate people.


They say , first impression is the last. It is crucial that you make sure the user is impressed in the first few seconds after entering your website. And this is where welcome animation come into play. This type of animation is an innovative way of inviting the users to explore more. Needless to say, their main purpose is to entertain and ensure repeated clicks on your web page. The following are the types of these animations-

1.)    Particle style- this style deals in dotted animations. They can be interactive i.e animate upon moving the cursor or clicking. Some site owners also choose to take it to the next step by making the animation move according to the drag of the user’s cursor.

Of course there are also the non-interactive ones where in the dots move in a loop or a synchronized pattern.

2.)    Typo- This style as you must have guessed deals with the typography. Some words move, contract, expand, fade or appear.


3.)    Video- Most web pages have taken a liking towards this style. This form of animation involves a video playing at the back. Each video different from the other depending on the page that you are on.

4.)    3d animations- Most web designers also prefer making a mix of 2d and 3d animations to give a visual appeal to the web page. This sort of animation gives an attractive appeal to the web page.


Scrolling animation-

This type focuses on visuals that move in the background as your scroll up or down. One of the fundamental points of looking over scrolling animation is the control they give to the users.

This kind of animation can be a remarkable experience for users since it utilizes various details that move at various rates in respect to the frontal areas, creating depth in a visual.


Sidebar animation type-

Imagine you enter a site that is cluttered with so much information that it takes you minutes to figure out where the menu button is located. Ask yourself, would prefer visiting a site that takes up your time? No one wants that, which is why, sidebar animation is the type where there is arrow at the side of the web page that has a list of all the important menus you would want your users not to miss.

This sort of animation is usually in the shape of an arrow on the side and slides open upon clicking.


Feedback animation-

This type of animation helps your users to know whether the process or action was successful. This animation type can help users in understanding whether the action they just did was right or wrong. There are two type of feedback animations-

1.)    Warning type

2.)    Hover type

The warning type is a kind of animation that helps your user understand that they are not taking the right steps. For instance, warning animation can advise users to do again an activity or not to click again in the event that they’ve filled in a field wrongly. Warning animation can appear as red Exclamations, gloomy emoticons, or different images that advise about invalid activities.


Hover type’s impact can be utilized for a few purposes. For instance, when users drift over a button they can see if it’s interactive. This animation can be in the form of lightning up, change in colour or shading, or show insights. Moreover you can talk to our experts for web design services.

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