The Significance of Fonts and Typography for Designing Business Logo

Sanam Malhotra | 14th May 2019

The way you put things across has a real impact on online marketing efforts. A logo plays a critical role in shaping a brand’s online identity and marketing activities. The act of developing it requires careful consideration to make a long-lasting impression on online audiences. Fonts and typography are essential logo designing elements that enable businesses to establish their brands’ personality. They are effective in communicating a range of attributes such as fun, reliable, quirky, or technologically advanced. Consequently, when designers provide logo design services, they have to use their designing skills thoroughly.

This blog post explores the significance of fonts and typography in developing a logo that resonates with the intended audience.


Typefaces, Fonts, and Typography- And how they impact logo design services


  • Typeface

    A typeface refers to a set of one or multiple fonts that have common design features. Typefaces are commonly known as font families. A single typeface family can consist of one or more fonts, all with unique sizes and widths.

    Helvetica, Arial and Times New Roman are among the most common typeface families. Every typeface has a unique style attribute, that triggers different emotional responses. Hence it is critical for designers to provide business branding solution that uses a typeface to capture the brand essence.

    Imagine the Swiss luxury watch brand Rolex displayed in Comic Sans typeface in contrast to its traditional Serif typeface.

The Comic Sans typeface rather displays playfulness and naivety, usually used by businesses dealing in kids products.

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Well-established businesses that seek to represent tradition, reliability, exclusivity, and a historical brand value must opt for the Serif typeface. Time, Sony, Boss, Canon are some classical brands using the Serif typeface.


  • Font

     A specific style, width, and size within a single typeface is known as a font. For instance, for the font style Times Bold Extended, Times is the typeface family, Bold is a weight and Extended is the width. Therefore, design professionals should understand the individual impact contributed by fonts and typefaces while designing custom logo design services.

    Take the delivery service giant FedEx. What is the possibility that a user would recognize the brand’s core operation if FedEx had used a Script font style?

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Merely changing to the Pacifico Script font style has turned the clean and orderly image of FedEx into a more fluid and informal representation. Hence, modern day brands symbolizing refined and polished business attributes should incorporate the Sans Serif font in their logos. Similarly, Nestle, Netflix, Samsung, Levi’s are some of the global brands using a Sans Serif font style.



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Likewise, Coca Cola’s logo design is a perfect example of using Script fonts in an appealing and engaging manner. Apparently, the logo profoundly reflects the creative, feminine, and elegant attributes of the brand. Budweiser, Cadbury, Instagram, and some other global brands are using the Script typeface which includes a plethora of font styles.  


  • Typography

    Typography is the art of arranging the fonts and types of a written text in a distinct style and appearance. It includes everything from the color, space, and alignment of the text to its typesetting, letter-spacing, and strike-through attributes. It plays the most crucial role in setting the voice and tone of a brand’s message.

    Robert Bringhurst is a renowned typographer and author of the book The Elements of Typographic Style. He describes,  “Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.”

The line length of the web content has been the epicenter of numerous researches to maintain consistent user experience. According to the latest research, the ideal line length is about four inches, so that users can read and digest information in a balanced way. Similarly, a chain of other techniques contributes to good typography. Finally, as Robert points out in his book,

“Typographic style is founded not on anyone technology of typesetting or printing, but on the primitive yet subtle craft of writing.”

Consequently, a brand’s message becomes effective and powerful when it incorporates the right mixture of fonts, typefaces, and typography. Hence, consistent and effective use of fonts and types in custom logo design services ensure that a brand establishes an emotional connection with its target audience.


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