Typography Mistakes That Must Be Avoided By Every Designer

Bharat | 29th May 2018

More than just an arrangement of awesome looking fonts and letters on a pretty looking background, it can actually make or break a project. This arrangement of typography styles involves selecting typefaces, line lengths, line spacing etc. It is a crucial part of creating web designs and also raise the user experience. Typography has relevance with style, the arrangement of letters, and the way how numbers and symbols are created by the process. This technique requires lots of efforts and focus. In this blog, I’ll tell you about some common typography mistakes.


Some typography mistakes must be avoided by every designer are:

Crowding Letters – Tracking:

If we are short on space, we need to fit in a certain quantity of text, so what do we do? We make letter spacing a bit tighter so that w can fit in those letters and we think it is good. But the problem arises, when the letters are too nearby, the readability of a website decreases. It happens when we work with smaller font sizes, it ruins the reader’s experience and makes the design looks crowded.

Crowding Lines – Leading:

This rule implies on each and every line of the text. Leading is the space between the lines, It also affects the legibility of the lines. So, we have to take care that the spacing should be neither too tight nor too loose. Both make this hard to read for the reader and degrades the quality of a design and also ruins the reader’s experience.


Scaling not done proportionally:

Another major mistake is stretching or condensing the words to fit in the limited area. Never practice such things, as it distorts the letters, giving them an inappropriate shape. There are multiple ways to avoid this problem, One is to make sure that when we are scaling a text in up and down direction, we have to do it proportionally. Various design programs have many shortcuts for doing this.

No attention towards readability:

If someone wants his design to be an attention puller, then its just that people should read it properly. Sometimes, we make choices that achieve a certain look, but aren’t very practical when comes on the ground. These legibility related issues can be in many forms, like if a font is very small, the color of the font and the background clash, or transparency effect make the text hard to see.

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