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admin | 28th May 2015

Despite of the fact, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designs sound so simple and easy, but believe me it’s too complicated to differentiate between UI and UX designers role in webiste as well as in mobile UX wireframe designs. You might be one among many who are confused between these two professional designer relation. Today, I have pinned down, trying to simplify these two designs.

UI and UX

The role of UI designer and UX designer are very crucial to each other and both of them work really very close.

Carrying Out UI And UX Design Together

On precise look, designers are broadly classified into UI Designer and UX Designer. UI designers are very particular on how the design is being laid. It won’t be wrong if we state that these designer are a part of graphic/ visual designer, who rules creating graphics.

On the other hand, UX: the User Experience Designer are more of technical and analytical field. UX designer are much particular on the user’s usability flow. They aim in creating design strategy which helps the user to reach to an output.

From the above, it’s pretty fair to say that UI design is a huge part of UX but UX is far more than UI and has wide applications in mobile UI i.e. in wireframe design as well. In broader aspect, UX is the complete package of designing whereas UI is inner core of designing. In simple words; UI design encounters user’s first reaction on the site and UX design is how the user’s feel while looking or scrolling the site. An emotional linkage proceed for a good UX design. UX design is a guide which shows solution path to the user.

Elaborating with an example, I keep on visiting numerous of website on daily basis but used to get carried away by a website based on these two factors :

  1. The look and feel of the website
  2. How the website is put across

The look and feel captures first impression, how the website is looking, that is role of an UI designer. Self analysis can help UI designer by questioning themselves: How the graphic is looking? , is the graphic responsive? If the website come out to be an appropriate one with high resolution image, then we must say UI developer did a great job.

UI Responsibilities :

  • Look and Feel
  • Responsiveness and Interactive Image

While how the website drives through it, is the part of UX developer. The content accuracy, ease to use of icons, the design strategy, execution of website on the basis of various analytic parameters. If the website or mobile UX is user friendly with right content, and also if worth coming back to the website for any good possible reason, than it means the UX developer did a wonderful job.

A design which has awesome usability but the design looks weird, set an example for good UX  but poor UI designer

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UX Design Process and Responsibilities:

UI and UX is not all about the visual interface of the product. Ita complete concept incorporating a number of dimensions and takes into the account the entire journey process a person might take such as:

  • The process they follow while discovering the company’s product
  • The sequence of every action they take while interacting with the interface.
  • The consideration about thoughts and feelings that come to the minds of users as they try to accomplish their task
  • The impressions they have after having the interaction as a whole

When the complete study gets over, the process continues with in following ways

  • Strategy and Content
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Execution and Analytics


There are various definitions given to UI and UX by experts. UI is generally associated to the visual design and information design around screen. UX is about the complete experience, and it may not be even about the screen. Though both the terms are misinterpreted and are often confused, still they are very crucial to each other.

The formation of a perfect web or mobile UX wireframes design is always a encapsulator of UI designer and UX designer. A UI designer has precised job while UX designer is variable with change of its role at each level. UX designer focus on the user’s usability while UI designer focuses on user’s graphic impression. The boundaries between these two are very fluid in respect of their design roles. The best way to look for the right person is to have deeper understanding of what you expect the designer to do with your process.

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