A list Of UI Design Cheats That Specialist UI Designers Use

Bharat | 19th June 2018

We all know that when we used to work on UI designs in past, we had a little knowledge about how to effectively design them. Most of the situations were not in our favor at the beginning but we handled them through reading designing books and blogs to comprehend how typography, colors, layout, etc, works. In addition, a design cannot revolve around shapes, colors, and text. It’s a procedure that has a reason behind every small step like if a text is big or small, adding a shadow effect, or changing the color.

This blog tells you about some important UI design cheats that specialist UI designers use.

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Essential UI Design cheats used by specialist UI designer:

Importance of text, keep it slightly bigger:

Earlier we discussed Innovative Textual Style Patterns for 2018.

In UI designing, expert UI designers keep the text slightly bigger than others to give stress and importance to that text, however, doing only this is not going to solve the problem. Font hierarchy is not only limited to small to big fonts and big to small fonts. It’s all also about the right mix of weight, colors, and size that creates contrast. While creating contrast and hierarchy, don’t use only one kind of weight with different font sizes.

Avoid creating various shades of black:

UI designers don’t usually use multiple shades of black color text over white color background by using color picker (up and down). Moreover, black text color causes eye strains for readers, so designers use darker versions as an alternate option. But if a UI designer still wants to use black, he can use it with different opacity.

Understanding the logic for using colors:

Most of us find it difficult to choose the right color combination, and when we see a design with a well-organized color palette, the question arises in our brain is that how we’ll do the same. Actually, it’s simple, by adding and subtracting hue, saturation, and brightness (HSB). We can turn a basic white over colored background into a high-quality work.


In user interface designing, there are a lot of UI design cheats but UI design tips shared in this blog can enhance your UI design. Use of correct font hierarchy, not using excess shades of black color and also understanding the logic behind correct blending of hue, saturation, and brightness are some of the cheats a designer must use to raise the level of it’s designing.

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