Latest Mobile App UI Design Trends Of 2018

Bharat | 16th August 2018

Due to the technology advancement, the day-to-day requirements of users are changing. Mobile App UI design trends are also changing. After carefully analyzing the trends of UI designs, we get to know that some trends are crucial for creating excellent UI Designed Mobile Apps. These are some very important trends which are going to make the Mobile Apps experience really great. Here we will share essential mobile app UI design trends.

Here Are Some of the Latest Mobile App UI Design Trends For 2018

Overlapping Effects

One of the essential UI Trend is Overlapping. Overlapping fonts, graphics, and colors are not only the ones which give UI Design a new look. But Overlapping of same elements combining with its shadows makes mobile app interface designs more creative. Overlapping effect changes the Overall User Experience.


Custom Illustration Interfaces

In mobile app UI design, Custom illustration Interfaces play a big role. They are one of the most important trends in use in designing landscape nowadays. They make the mobile apps look fascinating and impactful for the mobile app users by showing its various styles of Illustrations like Hand Drawing, Paper Cut, painting Style and many more.

Color Gradients

Many designers are using Color Gradients for their design works whenever they are designing logos, buttons, and backgrounds for mobile apps. A designer can draw a good looking picture by combining it with color gradients and different graphics even if he has chosen one or two colors.

Strong Color & Font Contrast

To attract users’ attention and for a great UI design experience, designers can use strong colors & font contrast. Like, if we add colors in various styles or add fonts in different types or sizes, we can create sharp contrasts and make the design look more attractive.

Voice Activated Interfaces

Voice-Activated Interfaces of mobile apps are simplifying the work of users. As we are using Google Assistant, we can easily give any command and as per that command, the mobile app follows the order whether its a login or anything else.

By providing a pleasant experience

The content which you are providing it must be on a single page without any switch used in it. By using this, the user won’t leave the prime page of the website. This can also raise the faith of the user on your website.

Using Typography

Important headlines and fonts should be in perfect combination with each other. This can make the website an eye candy for the viewers. Typography has the ability to make your content looks great.


So, In a nutshell, every UI trend mentioned above gonna play an important role in mobile app designing. It will help users to get engaged with the apps as they will become user-friendly and also add some value to its product.

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