UI Designing Tools Speeding Up The Workflow Of UI Designers

Bharat | 25th July 2018

Opting one of the correct UI designing tools can streamline a designer’s workflow. It also helps designers work intelligently, and also more efficiently. Ultimately, a designer doesn’t want his efforts to go in vain, he wants to invest his time and energy in solving problems. He doesn’t want to squander it on soul-sapping, monotonous, and reiterative tasks. Time to time in the field of UI designing, new web designing tools are releasing to make our work easier, to save our precious time and efforts. In one of my previous blog, I have shared my views on easy to use and free wireframe tools. Here, I am discussing the UI designing tools which are speeding up the workflow of UI Designers.

UI Designing Tools Speeding Up The Workflow :

Sketch Tool:

Many designers are still using Photoshop for UI designs. Many experts say that despite the availability of many advanced tools, using Photoshop for web design is a mistake. They say that if once a person has started using Sketch, he will fall in love with the tool. There are many reasons behind this level of popularity, like a designer can easily sort all his documents. Making revisions on this is much easier as compared to its competitors. Sketch has small documents, not large documents like other tools. Because of having a vector based tool, the file sizes on Sketch are smaller. Availability of hundreds of plugins makes designers’ work pretty smooth and easier. That’s why it is considered one of the best UI designing tools.


Adobe XD:

Adobe has now it’s own wireframing and vector design tool, Adobe XD. This incorporates a drawing tool that allows you to describe non-static interactions, mobile-desktop previews, and sharing tools for giving reviews on designs. It also authorizes you to select a specific artboard size area for starting a new project. And a designer can even import a well-known User Interface kit like Google’s Material Design. Many experts even believe that XD does not replace Sketch, but it is better than a sketch when you have to create quick mockups. The interface of XD is light in nature, and it also has a huge number of photos loaded into it.

Figma Tool:

Figma, an interface design tool that allows multiple designers to come up together and cooperate in real time. It is present in browsers, on Linux, Windows or Macs. Both free and paid versions are present, depending upon the designers’ usage. It’s also easy to work on Figma, as a designer understands it in very less time. Another benefit of Figma is that it is collaborative, we can share designs and graphics with others too.

Affinity Designer Tool:

This is a well-built application and gives you a feeling like it is devoted to web and graphic design. There are many great features like non-destructive layers, adjustable. Basically, this means you can amend pictures or vectors without destructing them. Most of the time a user feels like he is using Photoshop, and also it’s a tough competition for Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop.

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