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Akhila Raju | 29th June 2018

People don’t always remember words from what they see, but they do remember what they feel. Advertisers focus on selling on what we feel. It is not the information which is important but the effect of emotions that the audience have is more important.

That is the reason User Experience Design has an important role in the web and application layout. It accumulates a mix of text, graphics, layout and interactive elements to ensure that users are having a good experience.

People scan websites, they don’t read them

Make websites scannable because users don’t read them. Here come the infographics which focus mainly on the images as well as the data. When people browse the web they are looking for quick answers. You could argue that it is simply more difficult to read lots of text on a computer screen. It affects the eyes and makes less pleasant than reading on paper.

Users crave simplicity and clarity

It takes very less time for the visitors to decide if they are interested in a website or not.

To be clear on what you want users to do on the website. These days, websites need preferred actions to be obvious more. You need to consider what the website can do to make tasks or information look easy and simple.

Scrolling is often faster than paging

As the title says, scrolling is easier than going into pages. These days most of the websites are vertically longer.

Back in 1997, Jakob Nielsen, a long time web usability expert, made the guideline to avoid scrolling web pages to let our users focus on speed. He also said “scrolling beats paging” because it’s faster to scroll down than to click many pages, which means that longer pages are far better than clicking more pages.

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