UI/UX: Why Both Are Crucial for A Designer

Anuj Bisht | 28th September 2018

Before we get started with the comparison between these two topics let me tell you in very short what is basically UI/UX is, UI is (user interface) that means whatever you see in front of your mobile screen or laptop screen that is UI, and the logic and functionality behind that screen or you can say application or website that is UX (user experience). Now start with the topic why both is important for a designer. If you are creating a UI of some app or website then it’s very important to know about the user flow of that particular app or website so without knowing the flow we can’t create the design. If you know the flow of the app or website it’s very easy to handle the graphics part means the UI thing. When we start with the project we initially want the knowledge of the project then it’s flow, so for the better understanding of the project we know UX also it’s not like that both are the same thing but both have their equal importance in designing.


One gives you the idea of how the things go and the other thing is for how the things look, so for me, both have their own importance. After a certain level we can decide about the particular direction but initially, we have to start with both the things that would be more beneficial for all of us. As now no one wants a single person who knows only one thing like if you know only UI so as per the market you are now up to the mark because now all wants that the person knows multiple things so if you know both UI/UX that would be more effective for your future also. So please try to adopt both the thing that makes you smarter from the others.

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Anuj Bisht

I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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